Little Update

Posted by TheSubMission on Wednesday Jul 30, 2014 Under Health

Oops, I let this blog get away from me again.  It’s been hard to update like I used to, but I am working on it.  Things are going very well over here, but I’ve been really exhausted.  Master and me are trying to get things back to the way they used to be in terms of my stamina.  Obviously I have quite a bit of work to do, and it’s not going to happen overnight.  We both know this.

One thing we have been working on specifically is that Master has been treating me like he used to.  He has been putting aside his constant worry for my health (not that he isn’t worried, but I am definitely capable of more than he was letting me do for a while) in order to help me get to where I need to be.  So, instead of assuming that I am really tired and can’t handle tasks/chores/responsibility at a given time, he’s just telling me what to do when and when I hit my wall (which usually happens late in the day) it’s my job to tell him so that he doesn’t push me past points that will otherwise damage me or impede my progress.

That’s not to say that I call it quits when I don’t feel like doing chores or something.  It’s just that, I’m back doing all the old chores I was supposed to do, and if I am getting sick (lightheaded, dizzy, etc) then I need to point that out so Master can make the ultimate decision on whether or not I should keep going.  Over the past few months it has been more like, Master doing pretty much every chore and me jumping in when I get bursts of energy.  Neither of us like it that way, but (Want to read more...)

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Best Imitation of Myself

Posted by K8 on Tuesday Jul 29, 2014 Under K8
"I feel like a quote of context/withholding the rest/So I can be for you what you want to see
I've got the gesture and sound/got the timing down/It's uncanny yeah you'd think it was me
Do you think I should take a class/To lose my Southern accent?
Did I make me up/Or make this face til it stuck/I do the best imitation of myself"
-Ben Folds

Sometimes I get the impression that dating me must be like having to deal with one of the major challenges of being poly (anticipating and fulfilling the needs of multiple partners with different emotional and physical desires) without the really fun and lovely bits (getting your own emotional and physical desires fulfilled by multiple partners.)

That's not exactly how it works, particularly since Shel at least does get the fun bits of poly fulfilled elsewhere, and it's not precisely my fault, but nevertheless I can't help but feel awfully guilty about it sometimes.

The "bad Katie" of yore hasn't been around in awhile, and that's a blessing and a half. No more aspie meltdowns, at least not in the traditional sense. Oh, don't get me wrong, I still melt down when my senses or emotions get overloaded. But for the most part I sense it coming on, and instead of needing to hurt myself or scream to get it out, I can say "hey guys, nobody panic, I'm about to cry like we're watching Dirty Dancing and nobody's-putting-Baby-in-the-corner, but I promise I'm okay and I'm just leaking my feelings out through my eyeballs so I can get the right balance of emotions vs space-for-my-internal-organs back into my body before something bigger's gotta give, okay?" And since I'm usually either alone or with Shel when this happens, I either cry alone for ten minutes and (Want to read more...)
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From the beach

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From the beach

I really should have left an out of office notice but too late now, especially as we come home tomorrow but just in case you didn’t already know, we are on holiday. It is nothing particularly exciting mind you as we have my kids with us but there is plenty of sun, sea and sand…
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BDSM Therapist Tells Couple to “Both Shut the Fuck Up”

Posted by thedailyflogger (BDSM SATIRE) on Tuesday Jul 29, 2014 Under News


In what appears to be an unusual approach to therapy, Giselle Merchant, MS, MSW, PhD, has decided to use a couple’s BDSM interests to get them to “shut the fuck up and stop whining like little bitches.”

The therapist got the idea when the couple launched into a fit of bickering in the office about who got tied up more often.

“The problem,” Beth Mortenson, 28, told The Daily Flogger, “is that we are both really greedy switches and as much as we both like being dominant sometimes, what we really enjoy is being tied up.”

Tim Mortenson, 32, agreed.  “The core issue in our therapy is balancing play time, so we are grateful to Dr. Merchant for helping out.”

“I got so sick of their complaining,” said the doctor, “that I just tied them up and gagged them for their session.  They seemed happy, I got some peace and quiet, and I get to have a little kinky fun too.”

Dr. Martin Shreck, head of the APA and a practicing therapist for 30 years said he didn’t see a problem with her solution.  “I think a lot of us would love to strap a ball gag on some of our patients,” he told The Daily Flogger, “and as long as she isn’t fucking them, I don’t think there is an ethical breach.  Unorthodox?  Certainly.  But that is how practice moves forward, but taking new, daring, and sexy chances.”

Dr. Shreck added, “You don’t happen to know if she is taking on new patients, do you?”

Photo credit: Micio Duemilatredici cc: by nc sa

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Being a Little in a Long Distance Relationship

Posted by submissive guide on Tuesday Jul 29, 2014 Under Relationships, Submission, Tasks

The other day I got an email from a reader who had a question about being in a long distance relationship with his little and wanting to know some ideas on how to make that work. Like usual when I get a question from a reader, I got super excited(because I do love hearing from you guys and love being able to help if possible!), but I got even more super excited by the question and was like “Oh my gosh this is such a great article idea because I am sure so many others struggle with this!” and yes, if you are wondering, this was said out loud. I have issues with self-control when I get excited.

Yes, I have been in a long distance relationship with my Daddy. It wasn’t a very long one, but it was long enough to still suck, especially with a six-hour time difference between us. Believe me, one can not function while living in the US and trying to live on German time. During this time that Daddy and I were on opposite sides of the globe, we had to get creative to help soften the blow of distance. I’m going to share some of those things that Daddy and I did as well as some other ideas I’d come up with on my own.


  • Journaling - How often you do it is completely between you and your partner. I had to email Daddy a journal entry at least once a week and my journals contained whatever ramblings I had in my head at the time(which is usually a lot of silly nonsense sometimes!), my thoughts and feelings on submission, how I felt about moving, my kinks and areas of sexual interests, fantasies, and anything else that popped into my (Want to read more...)
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Dominant Diagnosed with First Case of “Florentine Elbow”

Posted by thedailyflogger (BDSM SATIRE) on Monday Jul 28, 2014 Under News

BOSTON, MA: Sports orthopedic doctor Miles Slandish at Boston Medical Center today reported the first diagnosed case of “Florentine Elbow.” FLOGGINGDOM12 (not his real name) is considered “patient zero” for the the degenerative problem.

“Mr. Floggingdom 12 suffers from the injury in both his right and left elbows,” said Dr. Slandish. “It’s similar to tennis elbow, or lateral epicondylitis, but with greater risk of permanent injury because the subject just doesn’t give a shit.”

FLOGGINDOM12, after being told he would require up to three months of physical therapy for his injury had this to say about his diagnosis. “That Slandish can go fuck himself. Florentine flogging is my life. If I wasn’t doing this every weekend how the hell would I get laid?”

Dr. Slanish, who specializes in “lifestyle cases” said he’s also treated “Spanker’s Hand” (blood blisters on the palm), “Whip Wrist” and, on submissives, “Corner Shoulder,” an ailment from slouching dejectedly.

Photo credit: Marcin Bajer CC: NC

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Ways to Play When You’re Far Away

Posted by submissive guide on Monday Jul 28, 2014 Under Uncategorized

It can be tough to keep a connection strong when you can’t be together physically. Personally, I’m so physically oriented that I know I can’t keep a long distance relationship going if it’s too far, for too long, with visits too far between. I mean, I can do it for a few weeks at a time if it’s temporary and an infrequent occurrence, say once or twice a year. If I can only see someone a weekend a month for more than a few months at a time, I can’t have a primary kind of relationship with that person. I need regular contact if I’m going to make a deep commitment in a live-together-marriagy-life-partner kind of way.


Keep that in mind as I share with you some of my ideas about long distance dynamics. My experience is somewhat limited and I’m definitely biased. Not for you and yours, but for me and mine. It’s not my favorite thing and at some point, it becomes a hard limit. But there are times when it’s necessary to be apart and I know that it’s a common experience for a lot of people in the kink community. In fact, it seems more common in the kink world than the mainstream one, probably because it’s harder for a lot of folks to meet others close by. So it’s important. And so, here we go…


First of all keep in mind that even long distance, your dominant style (see “What Kind of Dominant Are You?”) as well as their submissive interests will play a large role in the types of activities you’re interested in sharing. Also, your hard needs, hard limits, desires and neutrals might be different in a long distance context than they would be in person. For example, your agreements (Want to read more...)

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lunaKM’s Weekend Reflections

Posted by submissive guide on Sunday Jul 27, 2014 Under Uncategorized

This day has been coming for a long time now, but Wednesday we will be packing up the truck (or rather, movers will) and we’ll be headed to a new destination. I’m anxious and stressed with all the final/initial arrangements that need to fall into place. And because KnyghtMare and I are moving, I have a little announcement.

There will be no posts from me for 2 weeks. I’m taking the time off to pack, move and then unpack a bit before getting back into full swing here at the site. There will be a few posts from guest authors and the Summer Giveaway series continues as well. But from me, well I’ll be too busy with the move to even think of what to write about!

Here’s to new adventures!

Today is THE LAST DAY to get Processing Pain for $7. Tomorrow it goes to its regular price of $9.

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Woman Fired for Being Phone Sex Operator

Posted by thedailyflogger (BDSM SATIRE) on Sunday Jul 27, 2014 Under News


Tina Henderson, 26,  found herself down one job as she was let go from her position as a customer service representative from a major flooring manufacturer this week.  The problem was Henderson’s second job, employment as a phone sex operator for a Dominatrix hotline.

“Working two jobs was taking its toll.  8 hours on the phone in customer service at Home Flooring, followed by another 8 at Mistress Kali’s, really wore me out. I wasn’t getting enough sleep and it became overwhelming.”

Things hit a crisis point when Henderson got confused and started barking commands and shouting humiliating comments at one of the home improvement store’s customers.

“It was awful,” said Kimberly Gleeson, 28, one of Henderson’s co-workers.  “She started off saying things like ‘hardwood floors, you’d like that wouldn’t you, you little bitch’ and making our customer’s beg for refunds on flooring that was clearly damaged.  It was like a whole different person was there and she wasn’t following the script.  You have to follow the script!”

The script Gleeson was referring to is a list of phrases and answers customer service representatives are require to say to in response to customer inquiries.  That morning, according to Henderson, she found herself working from the wrong script.

“My phone sex job has a script we follow to and I got the folders confused.  I didn’t sleep much and forgot where I was,” Henderson explained.

Slave Carl, one of Henderson’s long time phone sex callers, told The Daily Flogger, that he was becoming concerned for the phone sex dominatrix after he started referring to Carl as a “loyal customer and valued partner in home improvement.”

“It all makes sense now,” Carl explained, “I am just not sure what I am going to do with 1200 square feet of (Want to read more...)

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Cherry Delight

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Cherry Delight

Anyone want to pluck my cherries…. Related Posts: In The Dark Bad Girl Constant Yearning Three S’more porn
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