Ask lunaKM – How do I show my over-protective husband that the community is a safe, respectable place?

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It took me a few days after the big realization that I am a sub, to share it with husband. We’ve been doing days of research and communicating and setting limits. Now, one of his biggest problems is entering into the community. He sees it as a place I will be hit on, and somehow would want to invite others to join us. He is a very jealous person. (Which I love, mostly). How do I get the support from the community/like minded people, while he learns it can be a safe, respectful place?

Well, my best suggestion is get off the Internet. Online communities harbor a lot of horny people who only want to hook up with anyone who identifies as female. Face to face communities are not really meat markets and those that are will announce the intention. It’s like a club or support group first and to be honest the bulk of people there will already be in relationships.

Is there any reason he can’t go to these groups with you to “protect” you? You’ll be treated with respect at the groups you attend, but this way he’ll feel he’s doing something to fend of those invisible slimey hands he’s seeing in his head. I don’t mean that bad – I too have a very protective jealous type owning me.

FetLife is a poor example of someplace respectable because the anonymity of the place brings out the worst in people. But, if you want to find real groups, many of them list their events there since it is a social community for kinky peoples.

What do you say folks? How do you alleviate the fears of jealous Doms when you want to go get support from the community?

Do you have a question or would like (Want to read more...)

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Painted Words

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Painted Words

self portrait by graffiti

Day 6 and for this one I am using a selection of different images taken at a variety of different times and locations. The unifying theme though is graffiti. We have managed quite a few different location for this Scavenger Hunt and after spending quite a while trying to decide which ones to use I…
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Free Femdom Story Give Away

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yellow-orange-mapleIn celebration of fall, the most romantic season of the year for me, I’m offering a chance to get one of my bespoke BDSM or femdom stories.

Three lucky winners will get a completely free 500 word short piece of fiction of their choice. It’s the same deal as my regular custom story system- you pick the theme, I give it my own unique spin.

I get lots of requests for ideas that people wish someone would write about, so now’s your chance to get that idea you really wish someone would cover. Winners get stories in a .pdf and .doc format, while everyone else gets to enjoy them here.

Leave a comment for your competition entry with your idea for a story- one entry per-person. Winners will be announced September 30th, contest ends September 29, 2014.

Not familiar with my work? Check out my archives for an ever increasing supply of femdom stories and BDSM erotica.

Want to increase your chance of getting your own story to 100%? Why not bite the bullet and order yourself one through the contact form right here?

Competition Rules:

* Entrants must be 18+

* You must have a valid email address (so I can deliver you your story!)

* No snuff, bestiality, minors or other illegal stuff. Seriously.

* No celebrities or horrible things happening to real people. 

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It’s OK to Judge Other People’s Kinks

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When it comes to kink, everyone is always so fond of saying that it is wrong to judge. “Your kink is not my kink, but your kink is OK.” Well, I am here to call bullshit on that. Not only do we have a right to judge, we have a responsibility, both to the community and to ourselves.

Let’s start with ourselves. Face it. Judgment is fun. It allows us to feel superior and in today’s world there is precious little of that. With the decline of crazy talk shows and bad TV dramas, we have fewer and fewer places to render moral judgments and feel superior to others.

Now the community. For too long, we’ve been outsourcing that work. It is time to keep it in the community. This is a chance to feel good again about what we do at the expense of others.

It is natural and healthy to scapegoat others. Tolerance and acceptance are myths created by people who do inappropriate shit to make you feel bad about judging them. Well, I say no more!

Human civilization has been scapegoating people for millennia. Why do we think we are somehow superior to every other generation.

So get out there, find someone who is different and shame them and judge them until you feel good about who you are and what you do.

Stop denying yourself and let loose. You know you want to. It’s only natural!

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Sadomasochism: Scary Fun Toys and the Hands that Wield Them

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This is for the sadomasochists among you.

If you find it odd that I’m specifying that, maybe you’ve missed one of the key concepts in BDSM, so here it is again: not all Dominants are sadists (in fact some are masochists, some are both and some are neither) and not all sadists are Dominants (some are submissives, some are switches, and some are neither). Just because the acronym “BDSM” includes bondage, dominance, submissive, sadism, and masochism, doesn’t mean you have to be into ALL THE THINGS to be a part of some of them. You get to pick and choose when, if and how all these elements play out in your life.


Okay, now that that bit of house keeping is done…

If you’re into S/m, you might have noticed that there are some toys (or implements, whichever you prefer- maybe you’ve got a term for them that I haven’t heard yet! “Instruments of Doom” is fun…) that have particularly potent reputations. Some activities are specifically scary to some people- needles, rape play, bondage, insects, or anything else that pushes a trigger or phobia for an individual. Other toys seem to have a kind of generalized reputation as especially “mean” (translation: intense). Some examples are single tail, needles, canes, knife play, to name a few.

First of all, if you don’t want to do those things, as a Top or a bottom, then there’s no reason you should do those things. Ever. Hard limits are hard limits, for Dominants and submissives, and are to be respected by all parties, at all times. Unless you change your mind at some point, which can happen (I don’t recommend it in the heat of the moment). It seems a lot of us have (Want to read more...)

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How to Care for Bruises and More BDSM Play Recovery Tips

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If there’s one topic that comes up time and again on this blog, in readers’ emails to me and online forums is how do you care for bruises and other physical and emotional reminders of play? Since 2009 when I started writing this site I’ve returned to this topic time and again with interesting and useful suggestions and advice – to the point where it’s difficult for a new reader to find a place to start.

The following list of links are my suggestions on key posts on the topic of bruise care and aftercare from my archives. I hope you find them to be useful.

Learning About Aftercare

Bruises, Cuts and Burns – First Aid After Play

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Six Years

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What a different place we are in than we were last year.  A very different place.  It’s still strange to think that it hasn’t even been a week since Master’s company downsized and let go of over 100 employees.  It has been a very difficult few days.  The first couple of days we both spent going back and forth in small fits of despair.  One minute we were determined and sure this was nothing.  The next minute, one of us would be panicked.  I admit, it was usually me who got scared, but Master sure chimed in a few times too.

People have been coming out of the woodwork to help out Master and me.  Old and current (or, I guess they are all old now) co-workers have been contacting Master asking if he knows about this system or that.  He has submitted himself with three head hunters and has also sent in his resume to a bunch of places already.  We’re surfing around for focus groups and odd jobs either one of us can do for cash.  The days have been very full of errands and job hunting, and the nights are filled with sewing for the Mewtique.  Right now, we’re focused on doing anything we possibly can to help ourselves get by.  It’s scary not having any idea how long Master will be without a job, but I do know that there’s no one out there right now who is trying harder than he is to find work.  Truly, that is really comforting on its own.

We’ve started going to food pantries to make the money we do have stretch that much further.  I’m the only one working at the moment, so we don’t have a lot of money coming in.  Still, it is better than nothing.

Just last (Want to read more...)

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Plugged In

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Plugged In

Plugged In

Before I start writing about Butt Plugs I just want to say that I am so very happy that Kink of the Week has finally returned. I know that Jade has been going through some big real life changes, hence her decision to KOTW on hold for a while, but I will happily admit that…
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lunaKM’s Weekend Reflections

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I’m really getting into the grove as far as my new routine and it feels great to not have that guilt of not accomplishing everything. The house is cleaner, the chores are done and I know KnyghtMare is  a happier man because of it. If only I could get into a good run of writing then all would be right with the world!

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Publisher Announces Erotic Children’s Books for Littles

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Children’s publishing giant Scholastic has announced a new line of erotic children’s books aimed that the BDSM “littles” community.

Donna Milbank, 47, has written the first book in the series called “Anna the Cum Faced Girl,” which follows the “little” around the streets of New York, trying to match the cum on her face to a potential master.  She encounters firemen, police officers, street urchins, and many others, in her effort to locate the man who first came on her face and who she calls “Master.”

“It is a sweet story of innocence lost,” says Milbank, who told The Daily Flogger that the story was taken from her real life experience as an 8 year old little and her search for a Daddy.

“Let’s just say, a lot of guys came on my face before I found Daddy.  Now I can be my 8 year old self around him and he can cum on me whenever he likes.”

The next book in the series is to be penned by Master H. Thorton, a Daddy into humiliation and degradation.  Tentatively titled “C is for Cunt,” the book will focus on his babygirl and her struggle to accept her little persona.

“She can be a bit of a brat,” says the 55 year old Daddy and master.  “So I use foul language to keep her in line.   That is what the book is about.”

Sales in the little community are up and many are awaiting arrival of future books in the series as well.

“They make good bedtime reading” says Tom Nuggins, a 45 year old Daddy.  “When I put my girl to bed, I like to read to her and these will be perfect.”

Photo credit: Princeton Public Library CC: NC

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