Thanksgiving 2015

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Thanksgiving is different for me this year that usual.  Having gastroparesis means that most of my favorite Thanksgiving day foods are off the limits.  Not to be deterred, Master found me some baby foods in similar flavors!  He’s so thoughtful.  I didn’t even finish everything, so basically I’m eating leftovers here, too!  Not pictured was some low fat cheese and bread I was able to nibble on.  Thank you, Master.

Master himself had a bit of ham steak and some usual trimmings.  Potatoes, creamed corn, that sort of thing.  The most exciting bits of the day had nothing to do with food at all though.  We always do a lot of stuff on Thanksgiving.




For example, we’ve been trimming our tree every year for the last couple of years on Thanksgiving.  If we don’t, we sometimes wind up not doing it until halfway through December, which is sort of a waste for all that work.  Last year we had decided we’d need to upgrade our tree to a bigger one, but with Master still being out of work, we’ve just decided to keep the tree this way for now.  We put all the unique ornaments on, and then we filled in the gap with a bunch of tiny baubles.  We did eventually run out of room.


lights 2


Of course, I played with the lights a little bit and got kind of tangled in them.  Master thought it was really cute, so he wrapped a garland around me!


lights 4

Master says decorating the slave can be just as fun as decorating the tree!  Ha!  I helped him untangle the cords after I played in them.  That’s because I’m a good girl who doesn’t leave her messes around for someone else to pick up.

We only went one place on (Want to read more...)

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The Sex Toy That Dominates

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or How a goody-goody girl found her kink and founded a sex toy company

This is a sponsored post by Alexandra Ars.

If you’re a Submissive looking to create or expand your play-party toybag, if you’re practicing submission as a single person, if you and your partner are looking for a new way to push the limits, there’s a new sex toy in town packing enough power to blast you into orbit, and I’d like to introduce you.

The X2 Orgasmatron is a rumbly toy with Sybian-level strength, designed to stimulate your entire clitoris – not just the exterior, visible clit that we are the most familiar with, but also the vast structure of sensitive nerves extending up inside the pelvis. Erika Moen, in her illustrated review of version one of the Orgasmatron said,

“Regular readers will recall that my usual complaint against a toy is that its vibrations are not strong enough. In the Orgasmatron, I have finally met my match. While this beast is too much of a cunt puncher for my delicate garden, I think it would be a most excellent toy for you, dearest perverts, who like things rough and tumble, who want to test the limits of your genitals.”

In addition to giving you a real “rumble in your jungle”, the X2 is a convenient and affordable toy too. Even though it has the oomph of a huge sex machine, due to some sexy physics, it’s small enough to hold in your hand and carry in your toybag. And it costs hundreds of dollars less than other toys of the same power caliber!

Now, before I say more, I want to take a moment to show my hand, to present the naked truth, if you will. I am a co-founder of Orgasmatronics, the (Want to read more...)

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Not All Femdoms Are Sex Workers

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Once again, an innocent question from a redditor reminds me of one of the problems that comes with being a non-professional dominant. Or really any conversation about femdom. I get messages from people in my inbox (I guess I seem authoritative) of various sites and this is not an unusual occurrence. Sometimes it’s a guy trying to book a session. In this case, he was neither impolite nor unpleasant, but it’s my daily reminder that the thing that I do is not perceived as functioning the way I do it – to the larger world, femdoms are sex workers by default.

Random Reddit Dude:

Hi, I stumbled upon your reddit domme post and Im abt to go to my first domme in a few weeks and am really excited I have a couple questions on how to tell if its a legitimate dome or not. [ad from back pages] This is the domme im going to and so far so good been emailing her a couple days she requires a screening process in which i have to refer to two dommes before but since this is my first time I couldn’t do that so instead her other request for new subs is for 100$ gift card (which is the cost for half the session) be sent in advance and I give her the other 100$ in cash. We talked a few days and I think she is legit but what are your opinions?



You know not all female doms are sex workers? I couldn’t possibly tell you about this because I don’t sell sexual services. Sorry, I could no more advise on this than a vanilla woman knows how to choose escorts.

Random Reddit Dude:

its not a sex worker, shes a domme though? Its not an (Want to read more...)

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What A Dominant Needs From A Submissive

Posted by cinful on Wednesday Nov 25, 2015 Under BDSM

When you’re a Dominant, you’ll be the one who is going to tell the submissive what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. However those parts of your relationship might seem clearer than other parts. While the submissive might think they simply have to follow your orders, they need to do…

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Enigmatically Luscious: e[lust] #76

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Elust #76

Elust header
Photo courtesy of Charlie in the Pool

Welcome to Elust #76 

The only place where the smartest and hottest sex bloggers are featured under one roof every month. Whether you’re looking for sex journalism, erotic writing,
relationship advice or kinky discussions it’ll be here at Elust. Want to be included in Elust #77? Start with the rules, come back December 1st to submit something and subscribe to theRSS feed for updates!

~ This Month’s Top Three Posts ~

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Lonely Things
Just the two of us

~ Featured Post (Molly’s Picks) ~

Tiny, shiny, bity snaps of steel…
I have fallen in and out of love with myself

~ Readers Choice from Sexbytes~

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I had An Abortion
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the use of the “read more…” tag is allowable after this point. Thank you, and enjoy!

Erotic Fiction

The End of the Run
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Thoughts & Advice on Kink & Fetish

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Writing About Writing

The Hunt for Adult/Sex Friendly Businesses
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The Limits of Control, Part Deux

Posted by Angel on Wednesday Nov 25, 2015 Under Poetry
You could cut the tension
with a knife

and so he did.

one small cut at a time
drop by red drop
tiny knicks really
down the line of her body.

a playful
connecting of the dots
red line
the length
of her
red roses

she was still
while he marked her
just one sharp
intake of breath
her lips.

when his knife
paused lovingly
at the base of her neck
her pulse beat frantically
like a trapped baby bird.

the only indication
Of her excitement.

he whispered
in her tiny ear

and walked away.

as the tension

from the room
and her body.

leaving only
the yearning
for more

Read Limits of Control, Part 1.
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Lips Like Cherry Wine

Posted by mollyskiss on Wednesday Nov 25, 2015 Under Sex

Lips Like Cherry Wine

Cherries hanging on Molly's clit
*This is not written by me (Molly) but is a rare piece of writing by my wonderful husband @domsigns *** “The world pampers the body with food and material comforts,” she said. “They appease the flesh but are enemies of the spirit. Abstinence is a bridle that gives the spirit a chance in the eternal…
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Ask Anything – My Dom Wants to Loan Me Out

Posted by submissive guide on Wednesday Nov 25, 2015 Under Uncategorized

A Reader Writes:

My dom wants to loan me out. I’m not going to protest because I am committed but I’m not sure how to go about being loaned. Help???


OK, I have a concern here.

“I’m not going to protest because I am committed…”

This seems to indicate that you are not actually on-board with being loaned out – and how could you be, if you have no idea of what’s actually involved in the process? – but that you somehow think that having limits or using a safeword somehow makes you “not committed” as a submissive.

It’s possible that I’m wrong, and, if so, please forgive my speaking to a subject that you may not feel is applicable, and we’ll get to the answering of your question eventually.  But for my own peace of mind, and for the readers who might find themselves in situations where they’re feeling pressured to agree to/not protest something that they’re not comfortable with, for fear of being labeled “not committed,” “not a true sub,” or some other such bullshit, I’m going to address this, first.

Please pay attention, kids, as this is one of the single most important, basic damn things you need to know in life, but especially in the world of kink:


This, by the way, also applies to Doms/Tops – if your submissive is requesting a type of activity or play that you are not comfortable with engaging in. FOR WHATEVER REASON.  Whether it’s because you don’t feel comfortable with your skill level, whether it squicks you out, embarrasses you, or because you don’t feel that you know enough about how to do whatever it is to determine whether (Want to read more...)

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Ask lunaKM – Submitting when Physically and Emotionally Exhausted

Posted by submissive guide on Wednesday Nov 25, 2015 Under Uncategorized

I work as a veterinary assistant which is both physically and emotionally challenging to the point that when I come home, I’m completely exhausted.  I find it very hard to serve my Dominant when this happens.  I’m just so worn out from working–I lift (sometimes wrestle!) animals all day, I’m involved in a very fast-paced job that also requires intense mental astuteness.  Plus, I’m working with patients that I’m often emotionally invested in.  When Sir comes home, he of course expects obedience and service, but sometimes I’m just so exhausted that it’s a feat to not just go to bed!  I’m trying very hard, but we both feel that we’re walking a very fine line in trying to keep up the D/s dynamic during these times.  Do you have advice?

Hi there,

I sympathize with your struggle. A lot of submissives work demanding jobs and then come home to submit. The challenge is that you are exhausted and need the down time in order to be able to serve. I do wonder if your Dominant is giving you the time to recover from your job before being demanding of your time.

If I assume that he’s not giving you the time to recover and expects obedience as soon as you walk in the door, then perhaps you should talk to him about needing a recovery moment; time to shower, change your clothing, rest for 15 minutes and try to take off the day. In that time you could take a quick nap, meditate or just shower the stress and fatigue to a more comfortable level. You could also work to put on a more submissive-forward mindset since working in a demanding job usually means you have to suppress the subservient side of you. Talk to your partner about your (Want to read more...)

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“Well, You Called It”

Posted by TheSubMission on Tuesday Nov 24, 2015 Under Uncategorized

hypokalemia 3

I’m not really doing too well.  I feel so broken and shitty, and I just had the world’s weirdest emergency room visit ever.  Maybe.

I was sitting at home, playing Mario about an hour before bed.  I felt completely fine.  Then I started having jaw pain and some weird chest tightness.  I told myself not to worry though, because if the chest tightness was anything significant, my heart monitor would pick it up.  So, I went about playing Mario without any real worries.  Actually, the pain was about a one on my scale anyway, so I really just wasn’t all that concerned.

Then, my vision seemed kinda weird.  I couldn’t see out of my left eye as well as normal.  I again wasn’t too concerned.  It was only my lower left eye quadrant, so I wasn’t too worried.  I thought maybe it was a weird POTS symptom and I laid down, thinking nothing of it.  About five minutes after that though, I hollered to Master that I needed to get to an emergency room quick.  I had completely lost vision in my left eye and I was shaking violently.  It happened completely out of the blue, (not gradually, but a sudden blackening of my eye after the bottom quadrant had gone) and I knew something was terribly wrong.  Of course, Master knew something was wrong because I normally would have gone to see him if something was bothering me, instead of yelling from the bedroom.  He took my collar off (he always takes it off when we are going to the ER, because you can’t have it on for CT scans, etc), and then he put numbing cream on my port and rushed me to the closest hospital about five minutes away.

I got there, was immediately brought to triage, and (Want to read more...)

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