Dyslexic Tattoo Artist Sued Over “Porperty of Oob” Mistake

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A bayou woman is upset today after undergoing a two hour  procedure which resulted in a botched tattoo.  Susan Kimstrick, 24, wanted to celebrate the anniversary of her collaring to her husband and owner Master Bob Bricksman.  The tattoo, which was supposed to read “PROPERTY OF BOB” was instead inked as “PORPERTY OF OOB,” largely the result of Inkmaster “Trich” Holloway’s dyslexia.

Holloway told The Daily Flogger, “I don’t usually like to do lettering, I am much better with patterns.  Letters always throw me for a loop.  I tried to tell her, but she was dead set on getting the guy’s name tattooed on her.”

Kimstrick was furious.  “Now what am I going to do?  I don’t know anyone named Oob and I have no idea what porperty is.  Now I am going to have to erase this and start over.”

When Kimstrick was informed of the permanent nature of tattoos, she became hysterical.

“They need to warn you about this.  Permanent?  I’m not even looking to stay in this relationship for more than four or five years.  I guess I’ll be on the look out for my Oob now.  It’s sad really. This was supposed to be a happy thing, not something that would break us up.   I always imagined it would be him cheating on me that doomed our relationship, not a tattoo.”

Bricksman has hired attorney Jack Creighton, a specialist in tattoo negligence claims, who described his case as “air tight.”

“It is really sad when you see this kind of thing,” Creighton told us, “for a lot of people it can lead to heartache.  I am hoping we can prevent that this time with a nice big cash settlement.”

 photo credit: qwghlm cc

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Ask lunaKM – I Need More Rules, But I Don’t Know What to Suggest

Posted by submissive guide on Wednesday Aug 20, 2014 Under Tasks

I told my Dom I needed more to do, as far rules, responsibilities etc.. what are some good things for me to do?? We both work full-time but I need routine..any suggestions? He’s asking me to give Him examples and I have nothing.. thank you!!  –Lovenvrdies

Dear Lovenvrdies,

Are you sure you need him to give you more rules and responsibilities or is it that you feel something else missing and are trying to fill it in with routine? I ask because it is often the case that when a submissives asks for more rules, structure, routine or responsibility that they always have something in mind that is lacking that they want to fill. More often than not that is a sense of submission, a loss of mindset or a feeling of connection with their Dominant. So, developing rules and routine to help feed that is natural. But it doesn’t always provide that connection. Figuring out the base need and discussing it helps far more than filling it with tasks.

It’s also not just the Dominant’s responsibility. You too can come up with routine and ritual to help you feel connected to your submission. Let’s take something simple for example. You come home from work and feel tired, but want to reconnect with your submission so that you can serve your Dominant that evening. But you don’t know what to do to do that. Try a coming home ritual. This can be changing clothes, taking a shower, putting on something that they like, or maybe changing your collar, if possible to one that is private vs the everyday one. Or you could have a phrase or mantra that you say while you make your afternoon coffee that reaffirms who you are to your Dominant. These suggestions (Want to read more...)

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When Master Struggled, i learned.

Posted by cinful on Wednesday Aug 20, 2014 Under BDSM
i am a slave devoted to the loving care, happiness and desires of my Master. But recently it was beginning to feel as if i had no tools, no training, no clue or understanding about how to help that one most important person in my life, my Master. It is amazing how unbalanced you can […]
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Guts and Grit

Posted by mollyskiss on Tuesday Aug 19, 2014 Under Photography

Guts and Grit

This weeks prompt on Wicked Wednesday was written by me and was inspired by the fact that yesterday (Tuesday 29th August) was World Photo Day. I gave a varied selection of possible ideas for this prompt but I have decided to ignore all them mainly because we are currently having a mini vacation in Brighton…
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Local Slave “Disappointed in Obama’s Approach to Climate Change”

Posted by thedailyflogger (BDSM SATIRE) on Tuesday Aug 19, 2014 Under News, Politics


Citing the fact that “this summer has been hotter than shit,” local slave Kelly Fitz, 19, says she is “disappointed that Obama hasn’t done more to make the summer less hot.”

“We don’t even have air conditioning,” the young slave told The Daily Flogger, “so it has been really bad in our apartment, especially at night.”

The use of fans has helped with the high level of discomfort, but overall, both Fitz and her 22 year old Master are disappointed that Obama seems oblivious to their plight.

“We like to do wax play, but it is way too hot for that,” Master Zig said, “so we’ve been doing a lot of stuff with ice instead, which is fun, but not as fun as wax.”

“Thanks, Obama,” slave Kelly added.

Photo credit: K. Latham CC: NC SA

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Book Review- Unveiled: The Secret Submissive Within

Posted by submissive guide on Tuesday Aug 19, 2014 Under BDSM, Reviews, Submission

I feel very lucky to have gotten the chance to read Michelle Fegatofi’s book “Unveiled-The Secret Submissive Within”. If the author’s name sounds familiar it’s probably because of her personal blog BDSM Unveiled. She started her blog back in November 2012 and since then has written on a large variety of topics to help those who are new and even not so new in the lifestyle. Like Submissive Guide, the site is full of wonderful information and I have greatly enjoyed her writings.

Like a lot of books, “Unveiled-The Secret Submissive Within” is geared towards beginning submissives and the first few chapters are basic information, what is BDSM, what some of the symbolism means, and some very important aspects of the lifestyle like what the difference between BDSM and abuse and key factors that makes a successful relationship work such as communication, trust, honesty, and respect.

She also has a chapter titled “Am I Submissive?” and I have to admit, I think it is my favorite chapter in the entire book. The reason why I say this is because she covers everything, the feelings and thought process of what goes on when one first experiences those new feelings of submission. She says there will be errors in judgement(been there), bad decisions(done that), and possible harm(have the t-shirt)both mentally and physically that can happen. I love that she put this in there because I have yet to talk to anyone, submissive or slave who hasn’t made some not so bright decisions early on in their journey. Also in this chapter, she talks about the new challenges that arise once you find your dominant because, well, there are many. A favorite line from this chapter: “You will discover that a submissive’s life is filled with questions and doubts followed (Want to read more...)

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8-19-2014 Weekend Update

Posted by TheSubMission on Tuesday Aug 19, 2014 Under Health

The weekend was taxing, I’m not even going to lie.  We had some problems with the realtor we’re using, but nothing as dramatic as before.  His communication really, really needs work though.  He’ll say one thing and do another or not respond at all to emails.  So we’re at the point where Master is giving him one more week and if things don’t start improving we’re going to look for another realtor.  Not that we don’t wish him well, but when you’re buying a house communication is key.

Things with my Dad have not really improved, so Master and me are trying to block it out.  I’m not saying we’re not checking in on him, I’m just saying that we are doing our best to not think about it or get wrapped up in it.  Dad is at a distance to us, so there’s nothing we can do but worry.  Worry won’t solve the problems he’s having.  We’re not doing great at it, but we’re trying.

Over the weekend, I was able to do a bit of sewing while Master ran a couple of errands to get boxes.  The box packing is very much underway right now, with the second room turning into “Boxington.”  There hasn’t been a whole lot of downtime, and what little downtime we do have is spent napping, video gaming, or staring blankly at the TV.  My monthly visitor showed up a few days ago, so sex is kind of out right now.  Thankfully the ablation really has taken my cycles down about ten pegs though, and I no longer need to work around my cycles.  It’s pretty awesome.  I can’t believe it has been three months already.

One thing which is somewhat frustrating about the housing market in our area right now is that houses (Want to read more...)

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My bf is vanilla but he’s interested in the lifestyle.  i have experience to teach him but I’m a sub. how do i educate him without affecting the power balance or offending him?

Hi there!

First, good on you for wanting to teach him what you know and for him wanting to learn!

Does he want you to teach him what you know? If so, then you won’t offend him and it likely won’t disrupt the power balance. Everyone who has ever taught someone something knows that once the teaching is over the balance goes right back to where it was. As long as you treat him with respect and give your information and knowledge from a place of intelligence and sharing you’ll be fine. However, if you treat him like a child or you boss him around (“That’s not how you do it, move over and let me show you!”) he will quickly be turned off by not only you showing him, but perhaps learning about the lifestyle at all.

You can also suggest reading certain passages, books or websites on his own time that will help his learning increase without your direct input. The local BDSM community in your area is another wealth of information that he might enjoy.

I know that you are concerned with disrupting your place as a sub in this situation, but as long as you keep in mind that you are the sub and you are serving his needs by teaching him what you know then you will still remain in the submissive mindset. It’s all about a mental shift, a hard one, but definitely doable in a teaching situation.

I’ve written about how to use your knowledge and experience as a teaching tool for your Dominant before so go check that out (Want to read more...)

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Pregnant Woman has “High Hopes” for Offspring

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Maureen Kowalski-O’Rourke  is just 3 weeks from giving birth and has elected to keep the baby’s status a mystery. “We know it is going to be a little girl,” she told The Daily Flogger, “but we don’t know she will be dominant or submissive.”

Master Grady O’Rourke, the child’s father, shared in his slave’s excitement.  “I’m a dominant and she is very submissive, slave wired you know, so it could go either way.  But really as long as the little nipper likes bondage and impact play, we won’t be disappoint in her BDSM orientation.”

Doctors have warned the couple that the baby could end up being vanilla.  “It’s unlikely,” Dr. Samantha McGovern, obstetrician and professional dominatrix, told the couple, “but we do see it happen from time to time.  Sometimes the kink just skips a generation.  We don’t really know why.”

Either way, Kowalski-O’Rourke says she won’t love her child any less.  “Worst case, we just have to wait for some kinky grandchildren,” she said.  “But I don’t think we have to worry.  She kicks a lot and it feels like she is wearing heels already.  I’m hoping for a little domme.”

photo credit: Kit4na cc

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Sometimes We Can’t Have ALL the Things in One Relationship

Posted by submissive guide on Monday Aug 18, 2014 Under Relationships

But the things we get to have can still be pretty damned good.


It’s been a roughish few weeks for the beast and I. We’re in a major transition phase. Even when it’s a good thing, a change that needs to happen, it can be tough. All the fears and stresses that come with “what’s happening and where is this going…” can put strain on any relationship.


There are advantages and disadvantages to having relationships that are drawn outside the lines. We’re often trail blazing, heading in directions that we haven’t seen modeled for us in the mainstream culture. That can be scary and even make us feel a little crazy sometimes, especially when we’ve got people around us who are more than happy to tell us we’re nuts, that things just “don’t work that way”. The advantages are many though and, I happen to think, worth it. Since we tend to talk more about the various aspects of our relationship, we have more control over the details. Where most of the culture assumes a lot and falls into the already established models for relationships, we take less for granted and are aware that we actually have a lot more choices than we were raised to consider. We have more options.


Someone said to me once long ago that I was scared to death of my own freedom. As I recall, I sputtered a bit, full of early-20s denial and indignation, but she was right. With freedom comes greater power and also greater responsibility. Sometimes it’s comforting having ready made one-size-fits-all answers to latch onto without much thought, but it’s also confining. With freedom, there’s certainly more room but also more unknowns.


All this babble is inspired by the shift happening in my relationship with my (Want to read more...)

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