BDSM Group Creates Acronym; Apocalypse Imminent

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A new group of dominant men have created a support group, which has been widely hailed as “the end of western civilization” and “one of the signs of the apocalypse.”

The group, MDfSR, “Male Dominants for Social Responsibility” is a group dedicated to social causes, such as ending poverty, working on practical solutions to climate change, and ending racial, gender, and sexual discrimination.

The group was met with hostility by almost every faction of the BDSM world including other dominant men.

“It is just one more example of male privilege,” said Honey Kipling, 21, “I learned all about this in my womym’s studies class. It is when men come along and do something. It’s a real problem.  Only womyn can solve problems that men make.  And they have to be the right kind of womyn, like not the ones who shave their armpits, because that is patriarchal.”

Ferocious, a 47 year old dual trans, bisexual switch, told The Daily Flogger, “I’d rather have no rights at all than have people who look like the people who want to take my rights away help me in any way whatsoever.”

Ted Gonick, 67, says he has been around to see it all and has a different perspective.  “We are all in this together, it would be great if we could all focus on the real problems our community faces rather than engaging in petty squabbles and identity politics.”

Kipling disagreed.  “He’s a man, so he has privilege.  When you have privilege the only thing you should do is stay silent and do nothing, except listen to people who have no privilege like me.”

Photo credit: L.C. Nøttaasen CC: NC SA

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Demo Ruined by “Unresponsive Bottom”

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Mistress Tina Tucker, 22, is livid today after her wax play demonstration was, what she described as, “completely ruined” by Slave Kevin’s “complete and total lack of response.”

According to Kevin, “the wax was supposed to hurt and it just didn’t. Maybe I have a high pain tolerance, but at one point I had to actually have her tell me when the wax was being dripped because I just couldn’t feel it.”

Tucker was upset by the lack of reaction. “I had called the demo ‘Wax for Pain: Sadistic Play with Hot Wax’ so it was a little counterproductive when he didn’t even wince when the wax hit his skin.”

Onlookers were unimpressed by the demo. One top, Tim Graham, 43, told The Daily Flogger that he was “interested in wax play at one point,” but that “after watching this demo, he was probably never going to try it.”

Mistress Kim, 34, described the demo simply as “unimpressive.”

At one point, in frustration, Mistress Tina held an open flame to the bottoms skin to try to get a reaction, which Slave Kevin described as “warm, but not uncomfortable, in spite of the application of flame causing second degree burns.

“It will be the last time I use him as a bottom,” said Mistress Tina. “He really torpedoed my reputation though.”

Photo credit: chetbox

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Ask Anything: Training a New Submissive and Punishing a Masochist

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A Reader Writes:


“Hi there…i’ll try to be more straight to the point with my question/s, even though these kind of topics may involve a much longer discussion with a lot more variables that need to be taken into cosideration.

I just startes this new D/s relationship – i’m the male (dom) and the girl(sub) and i’m quite new to the BDSM scene.

I read a lot of articles about how all these thing works, i’ve read your recomended book for beginers “Screw the Roses, Send me the thornes” – quite helpfull.

Here is the problem – i can’t to seem to find away to train my sub – i’ve tried bondage, spanking, slapping,blindfolding and only some light dominance when it comes to services.

My sub, she has quite some experience in this field and she is missbehaving all the time telling me that i haven’t earned her respect yet and i haven’t tamed her yet to make her do whatever and whenever i tell her to.

When it comes to physical punishment she has a high tolerance to pain and i can say i am delivering a lot of force with each spanking, slaping and she is also enjoying pain, so this aproach it’s on the path to failure (we only had 2 play sessions).

We known each other for about 3 weeks, but we get along so well…we’ve clicked from the first time we’ve met and genuanly like each other.Is it maybe that i’ve jumped into this to hard to fast and still need to discover more about her?

I’ve tried to look for out of the box punishments, but i’m all out of ideeas because i couldn’t find something to addapt it to my case.

Personaly i enjoy more the physical part of (Want to read more...)

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Ask lunaKM – What are you punished for?

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Ok, I know this sounds like a silly question but I wanted to know what other submissives out there are being punished for. I have been a sexual submissive for three years now and my Dom and I are slowly bringing our dynamic out of the bedroom. I have read a lot of articles about punishment and so I know what the purpose of it is and different methods of punishment that Doms use, but I can’t find any specific causes for the punishments. Basically I want to be sure that I am not doing something in my relationship that I could or possibly should be punished for. I know that every relationship is different and using phrases like “pushing limits” and “disappointing Him” help to apply to everyone, but I was hoping that there would be a few brave souls out there that could share their stories of what they did, how they were punished and what they learned. I know that is a lot to ask people to divulge embarrassing and possibly painful details, but I am just trying to understand truly how a relationship with a punishment dynamic works.

A punishment dynamic usually starts with a negotiated set of rules or expected behaviors that the submissive is responsible for. Punishment happens when the submissive fails at following the rules or behaviors agreed upon. This is an important first step because that way the couple is on even footing and the submissive knows what’s expected as well as the Dom knows what is being corrected and monitored. Unhealthy punishment dynamics can occur where the Dominant will punish the submissive for something they didn’t know was wrong, because it was never discussed. Make sure you talk with your Dom about what the relationship will look like outside (Want to read more...)

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No Safe Ports

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Autoblow2 animated image

We have so many things to worry about as active sexual creatures. Condoms, Sex Toy cleaning, STI tests for us and our partner/s. And that is just us, what about our computers and mobile phones? All those things that bring the rest of the sexy world right into our homes. We have to take care…
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Turtles and Starfish

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The new house has a lot of smooth flooring.  As I still have to wear compression stockings every single day, this creates a bit of problem if I’m in a hurry.  Last week I was putting away laundry while Master was outside shoveling, and of course, I slipped and fell flat on my back.  I had a hard time walking for a couple days, and my POTS was out of control, but I’m totally back to normal now, with only minor back twinges (which I really don’t give a damn about.  I’m fine.  Seriously.)

Of course, afraid that I might slip and fall again (and next time, might seriously hurt myself or break a bone or something) Master picked up two packages of anti-slip starfish and turtle stickers.  These are like the kind that go in the bathroom.  Not that they will fix everything, and there’s always a chance I could slip or hurt myself anyway, but they’re kind of cute, no?  They start at the beginning on the bedroom and lead over to the side of the bed I sleep in.  At first I was kind of humiliated and mortified by it but, you know, they’re not so bad.  In fact, just because I’m completely ridiculous I tend to put my foot down completely on each little sticker on my way to bed now as I follow the trail, so I suppose the stickers work.

Kitty: 0

Master: 1

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Justin’s Rope

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There was an entire group still in the dungeon lining up to play when Shannon left. She didn’t feel like sitting through another night chatting and not participating. She was officially someone who chatted, and never played. She hated that. There was no one Shannon was interested in playing with. She was approached, but she [...]

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T.M.I. Tuesday – Taking Things Seriously

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TMI Tuesday: November 25, 2014 Posted on November 25, 2014by TMI Tuesday blog To my U.S. American friends, readers and lurkers Happy Thanksgiving. To everyone–Happy TMI Tuesday. This week’s TMI Tuesday was derived from a book called Taking Things Seriously. Read on, you’ll get the drift. Taking Things Seriously “Step into any living room, office, studio [...]

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Cuckold Sabotages Birth Control; “Serves Bitch Right”

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Slave Jonny Brick, 47, has been cuckolded by his mistress of 5 years, Donna Dolby, 28. “She has sex with lots of different guys and makes me watch,” says Brick. “And frankly I just got a little sick of it.”

In retaliation, the slave replaced her birth control pills with breath mints.

“I got the idea when I noticed the mints I like have almost identical packaging to her contraception. So I just switched them up. Serves her right for treating me this way.”

Dominatrix Donna has been unaware of the switch for the past 3 months, but has noticed a change in her submissive’s response to her sexual escapades.

“He used to get all humiliated and hurt when I fucked other guys in front of him, now he just smiles and laughs to himself.  I’m not sure what’s changed, but he seems to be enjoying it a whole lot more.”

According to Dolby, that isn’t the only change.  She also reports having odd cravings for food and unusual bouts of nausea in the mornings.

Photo credit: Nate Grigg

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Stress and Santa: Managing Stressful Situations Around the Holidays

Posted by submissive guide on Tuesday Nov 25, 2014 Under Relationships
santa stress

The Holidays are coming, and they are coming up fast. I always feel like the entire month of November goes by in a blur. One moment we are donning our sexy cat costumes for Halloween and the next moment there are stockings on the mantle and children awaiting Santa. There is definitely a time warp in there somewhere. Probably caused by the amount of stress that the holidays tend to generate. There is financial stress, scheduling stress, stress about food and pleasing people with presents, the stress of interacting with family , and for members of the BDSM community there is often an added level of the stress of keeping an integral part of our lives a secret.

Depending on how you spend your holidays there are different magnitudes of this problem – spending a week in your old room, just a thin wall away from your parents may generate a different level of stress than stopping in Christmas morning, but it is important to have a game plan for dealing with these situations before they arise. Here are some problem scenarios that some of you may encounter and some suggestions on how to deal with the situation.

  1. When people ask you how you met your partner – If you met them on an online kink forum or at a kink event, this may be a challenging question to answer if you are not out as a member of the BDSM community to your family. Make sure that you, and your partner, are both clear on what you are going to say before you arrive at grandma’s house. Make sure that it is going to be something realistic and that you will be able to remember across the years if you anticipate your partner joining you for future family events.
  2. (Want to read more...)
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