Dear Annie: Making a Profile

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Dear Annie,

I am a single submissive looking for a dominant partner. I am definitely “for real” but I hesitate to put my picture out in public because of my job. What tips do you have for creating an attractive profile that will still keep me safe?

Anonymous in Atlanta

Dear Anonymous,

Privacy is the number one concern for all people in the kink community. If you can’t have your own pictures on your profile, why not use someone else’s? Google images is full of attractive people and if you pick one that kinda looks like you, what is the harm?

You also might want to select pictures from famous photographers of things you like and use their pictures too.

If all else fails, you can just fill your profile with hundreds of memes and demotivational posters. You will really stand out!

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Feels Like Home

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It’s been a bit since I updated.  Master and me moved in here well over a week ago, but we had no idea where my computer was!  Well, it’s all set up now, and we’re trying to get my cam room ship-shape.  With Master still without a job, and the busy time over at my Mewtique, I need to get back on cam as soon as possible.  Still, until it’s up I’m switching back and fourth between unpacking and sewing.  Gotta restock things after the Halloween massacre.

As we expected, actually being moved in here has us both feeling a lot better about the whole situation.  This house is feeling more like home each and every day, as more things get unpacked.  I think we spent about two weeks eating out in restaurants between apartments not having any tools to cook with, or any food to prepare, but finally the kitchen is up.  It’s not completely unpacked, but the pantry is stocked full (I think there may be one more pantry box kicking around somewhere, perhaps) and we have a couple of pots and pants out, so we can cook, we just have to wash everything immediately before the next meal.  We’re both really happy to have that much done though.  I mean, you can only eat so many veggie sandwiches and french fries before you want your own home cooking.  Or maybe that’s just us.

The whole house is basically in shambles.  There are boxes everywhere, and it’s pretty hard to get from one room to the next without tripping over something.  We’re working on it though.  Master works on it the most, and I’ve been standing up, unpacking until I’m lightheaded (thank you, POTS), and then doing a sitting activity until I’m feeling better again.  Unfortunately, I (Want to read more...)

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The First of Many

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The First of Many

Red welt whip marks

“Good afternoon madam, how can I help you” “Checking in” I replied, pushing my reservation confirmation across the desk towards the young man. He immediately busied himself with his computer screen, tapping away at the little keys for what seemed like an incredibly long time. I couldn’t help the little sigh of frustration that escaped…
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Chainsaw Fetish Play “Fun But Dangerous”

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A new fad is sweeping the Utah BDSM community–chainsaw play.

“It’s really hot,” says submissive KittyKatKlaws, 22. “I love the sounds, the smells of the burning oil and gasoline, and the effects. It is like artistic cutting, but edgier. I am all about edge play.”

Master Quint Zingerbacker, 57, says he got the idea after spending a few months working in Oregon as a lumberjack. “I thought, hey, these things are cool. I wonder if I could use a chainsaw in a BDSM scene.”

Zinergbacker started by just bringing his Husqvarna 460 Rancher 24 Inch Chainsaw to the dungeon as a kind of show and tell, but soon dungeon goers wanted to see more.

“There were a few accidents at first, but like all BDSM this stuff is hit or miss and trial and error,” said Zingerbacker.

Marion McCoy, 24, disagrees. McCoy, who lost her arm in a BDSM Chainsaw accident thinks this kind of play is “irresponsible and dangerous,” but admits is can also be “really, really fun and scary.”

“The problem,” McCoy believes, “is not chainsaws themselves, it is the lack of education. My top didn’t realize that a chainsaw could actually dismember someone if used inappropriately.”

Even though she only has one arm now, McCoy doesn’t hold a grudge. “We practice RACK, risk aware consensual kink, so it is all good.”

Photo credit: Joe Benjamin CC: NC

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Ask lunaKM – How Do I Explore and Grow While I’m Single?

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I am new to BDSM and Kink and was just wondering if it were possible to try and learn and explore and grow without a Dom by my side at least for the moment? How is a submissive able to train and prepare for her future Dom? I am not out in my local community and really only have a presence online but even that is limited as I come from a very conservative family and live in a small conservative town. Any advise would be very helpful. Thank You.

Hello eager to learn,

There are a lot of things a single submissive can do in preparation for a relationship, especially a D/s one. A lot of what a submissive learns, explores and incorporated training has to do with making you the best possible person you can be. This means personal enrichment and behavior modification.  Yeah I know of many people who sit down with New Year’s Resolutions to make changes in themselves and then not do it for very long. But we can do it and I’m sure you can think of at least one thing you’d like to improve about yourself without much thought.  Pick up some self help books or a counselor or trainer to help you with those things. Improving yourself will go a long way to being appealing to a partner.

More on personal development:



Ok, sure. I know you really meant how do you learn how to be submissive or about the BDSM play you are interested in. You say you aren’t out in your local community of kinksters so it does hamper what you can do in this area. You can do a lot (Want to read more...)

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Ask Anything: How Young is Too Young to Explore BDSM?

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A Reader Asks:

“Besides the obvious answers, do you think there is an age were it would be ‘too young’ to start researching or exploring BDSM?”


I know it’s squicky for some people to think about young people learning about BDSM. As with sexuality, some people think that if young people don’t know about it, they won’t do it. Or that somehow, a certain maturity level is required to be responsible sexuality and kinkily.

The problem with that is that, while age can certainly be indicative of a certain maturity level, it’s certainly isn’t a given. When we think about it, we all know that just because someone hits a magical age of… what? 25? 30? They aren’t – *poof*- suddenly mature enough to handle BDSM information.

Some people are interested in and/or ready for information sooner, some later. Some 20 year old folks are totally savvy and ready to get involved in kink in a way that’s healthy and fun, while some folks at 50 years old don’t have very good skills when it comes to communication and self knowledge. And who decides who’s ready, when?

Here’s what I think:

Like a lot of other things, if people want to know about it, they’ll find information where ever they can get it. If we don’t make a variety of quality information available and make it okay to ask and talk about it, they’ll search in secrecy and are more likely to go to fiction- erotica and porn (I know the line between those two isn’t as clear as we might like it to be; I’m just covering all the bases)- and assume that what they encounter there is “how it is”.

That’s what I did. And so I stayed away from the actual-real-life BDSM community until (Want to read more...)

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Study Finds 86% of Rapists Also “Douchebags”

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Researchers from San Antonio University have recently completed a survey of convicted rapists serving time at the San Antonio Men’s Correctional Facility. According to the study’s principal researcher, Jennifer Lawndale, Ph D, most rapists also rated as either “mostly douchebag” or “complete douchebag” on the study’s scale.

“I guess it isn’t really surprising. I mean they are rapists, so the fact that they are douchebags shouldn’t really shock anyone,” said Lawndale.

The response from douchebags has been one of alarm. “Just because I am a total douchebag doesn’t mean I am gonna go rape somebody,” said David Kring, 37. “I am the kinda guy who will take money out of your wallet, talk shit behind your back, and basically lie to your face about stuff, but I am no rapist.”

Kring’s comments resonated with other douchebags as well. “I called that researcher chick’s boss and told her she falsified her results. I totally made it up, but I was trying to get her fired because I disagree with her. I also left a bag of shit at her front door. But I ain’t no rapist.”

Lawndale has found the responses to be disturbing, but not surprising, “They are douchebags after all.”

Photo credit: Ed Hunsinger CC: NC

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You’re Not the Boss of Me! Empowerment Through Submission

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I recently had a conversation with my boss that went something like this:

Boss: “We’d like you to start doing some of your colleague’s work because you’re caught up and she’s behind.”

Me: “I would be happy to help, but I see that none of these things are on my job description.”

Boss: “They aren’t, and we won’t know if they will be temporary or permanent additions for you for at least a month.”

Me: “I appreciate your confidence in my ability to accomplish these extra tasks along with my other duties, but we need to discuss them more so we’re clear about how they might impact my ability to get my own work done. And if they are to become permanent, we should discuss compensation for the additional duties.”

This conversation taught me many things.

A few years ago, I would have taken on the new responsibilities without regard for myself or my own well-being. And while I have always been all about helping others whenever I can in the workplace, I have been burned by taking on too much that fell outside of my job requirements.

So what changed from then to now? I truly believe that it was the discovery and acceptance of my submissive nature.

You might be scratching your head, perplexed by the notion that embracing my submissive nature could lead to self-empowerment. It totally can. And it should.

My beloved former Dom taught me one of the most valuable lessons of my entire life: “Just because you’re submissive doesn’t mean you submit to everyone. You choose who you submit to.” His message was very clear: Just because I’m submissive doesn’t mean that I have to allow everyone around me to push me around. Far from it. In fact, he insisted that as his submissive (Want to read more...)

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Reveling in it

Posted by mollyskiss on Monday Oct 27, 2014 Under Sex Toys, video

Reveling in it

Revel Body sol video

I have not been shy about my general apathy towards vibrators in the past. I used to be completely addicted but that was the problem because I suddenly realised that I couldn’t actually cum without one and that scared me. So I gave them up, it took about 3 weeks for my body to relearn…
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Movie Review: The Hobbit

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Hi Emily here, with my review of Peter Jackson’s awesome movie The Hobbit.

First off, as a disclaimer, I am a huge fan of both The Lord of the Rings movies and the JRR Tolkien books. I’ve read all of them about a dozen times, including The Hobbit.

I love this movie so much, I was desperate to see it. I would do anything. Anything.

So when the movie came out, I decided not to see it in the theaters, but to wait until it came on cable so I could watch it on a really small screen with bad sound. Of course, every time I wanted to watch it, I couldn’t find it and whenever it was on, I always had something else I had to do.

But yesterday, I found the perfect combination! My beloved film was on and I had a nice long window to watch it. It was on the HBO Spanish Language channel, so I put on a pair of headphones and turned up the volume as loud as it would go and then blindfolded myself, so I couldn’t see any of the stunning visual images.

For three hours, I sat with a Spanish version of one of my favorite stories blaring in my ears, unable to see or understand a single thing.

I guess this isn’t much of a review. I am sure the movie was really, really good. I wouldn’t know, because I missed it and couldn’t understand a word they said. I just had to sit there for three hours, imagining what I was missing, which was good for me. Really good.

The doctor says I have 10% hearing loss too. Probably not permanent, but still, I wrote Peter Jackson and Ian McKellan a letter telling them about my review (Want to read more...)

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