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Close up shot of lips and tongue
Feed me, I am hungry, for a taste of you…. Related Posts: To the victor go the spoils Multitude of Sins Into the woods A landscape of flesh Invincible
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Raw Impact

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Raw Impact

Belt buckle against the red raw of a spanked bum
“I shall have to take my belt to you if you carry on like this” Word that are guaranteed to get my attention, not just because the belt is something to be wary of but because it taps into my kink in a very powerful way. There is something so authoritarian about the act of…
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Kinky Karaoke Surprises with BDSM Lyrics

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Dozens of kinksters met this weekend to participate in Wyoming’s first “Kinky Karaoke Kontest” in which performers were required to perform well known songs with the lyrics changed to BDSM themes.

Donna Quinn, 22, had the room cheering with her kinky rendering of the Elton John song “Tiny Dancer” with the new, reworked chorus reading “Hit me harder, tiny flogger.”

Another crowd favorite was Kevin Cartland’s rendition of  The Proclaimer’s “500 Miles” which substituted “I would spank 500 assess and I would spank 500 more” for the well known chorus.

But it was Mistress Kym Kropp, 25, who took home the final prize for her own version of Sir Mix-A-Lot’s classic “Baby Got Back,” which she performed wearing a strap on and proclaiming “I fuck guy’s butts and I cannot lie.”

For her efforts, Kropp was awarded a cash prize of $500 and a custom flogger from Frank’s Floggers.

Photo credit: MarkScottAustinTX CC: SA

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Sometimes I am all about the heels and sometimes I am all about the comfort… Related Posts: A Rose Amongst the Thorns Playful Multitude of Sins Dress appropriately The Abyss
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Woman Finds Dungeon Decor “Too 16th Century”

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“There is really no excuse for it,” says slave and interior designer Marg Beckett, 37. “There are plenty of inspirations to draw from. Inquisition, British dungeon, French Bastille. 16th century is just lazy. It looks bad and it doesn’t inspire any kind of scene.  It’s hard to play in a space where you feel like they aren’t making an effort to be decor relevant.”

Dungeon owner Kale Greenery, 63, sees it differently.  “Our dungeon is like a blank canvas.  If people are dissatisfied maybe it has more to do with what they bring to the space.”

Most find Greenery’s dungeon play space, simply called Dungeon 623, named for the street address of the location, to be “dirty and kind of nasty, but a fun place to play.”

Beckett says she has offered to help with a redesign, but her ideas have all been rejected.  “What I am proposing would take work and money, two things that Kale seems to have no interest in.”

Greenery says he is happy with the space and the clientele.  “People have been coming her for years and no one has ever had a problem until now.  Maybe Marg is the problem,” he told The Daily Flogger.

Photo credit: David Jones CC: NC

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Book Review: The Dom with a Safeword-The Badass Brats

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I was introduced to the wonderful world of the Badass Brats thanks to my friend and reading buddy Shannon. She stumbled across a great series on Amazon and after she read the first book-The Dom with a Safeword, she quickly shared it with me and told me to read. Not when I get the chance, or finish whatever book I was reading, but NOW. So, I did and I am SO HAPPY that I did! Co-authors Sorcha Black, Leia Shaw, and Cari Silverwood created a wonderful place with a great story, great characters, and a lot of great kink!

The Dom with a Safeword opens up with roommates and good friends Sabrina and Q as they are checking out what they think is an abandoned and haunted property. Sabrina is big on ghost hunting and Q is there because well, she has the hots for her very straight roommate. While searching the property, they stumble across Jude, a dominant, who’s renting the property for the summer before having to start med school at his father’s request.

After the little run-in between the three on Jude’s property, he runs into the two girls again at a heavy metal concert in the mosh pit, after Q hits the floor. As Jude is checking Q over, making sure she doesn’t have a concussion, he realizes just how attractive he finds both Sabrina and Q. As a way to keep Q from returning to the mosh pit area, he promises to allow Sabrina to come back to his house and check for paranormal activity. Of course Sabrina jumps at this opportunity and says yes.

When Sabrina and Q find themselves back at Jude’s house for the second time, this is when things start getting interesting. The three of them get (Want to read more...)

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Trolling the Net #9

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Trolling the Net #9

qwerty keyboard
I know it has been a while since I have written one of these round-ups but time seemed to slip away from me. However I have decided that from now on I will try to make them a weekly feature with the aim of publishing on a Friday. In case you missed the original posts…
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A Rose Amongst the Thorns

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A Rose Amongst the Thorns

Naked woman surrounded by Garden Roses
We are very nearly there, the end of February is nigh and this is the last of my throw back Thursday images. The original image was part of a series called An English Rose and at the time I was very pleased with how they all turned out but increasing skill and knowledge has led…
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Submissive Man Banned Following Foot Worship Gone Awry

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Mistress Andrea Spanxx, 24, was left shaken and alarmed after a submissive man, Michael Donovan, 19, grabbed hold of her feet and refused to let go during a foot worship scene gone wrong.

Ashely Kraven, 22, watched as the scene went down. “It got weird fast. Most of us had been staying away from the guy because he seemed nervous and creepy. Once he got Andrea’s boots off, he started screaming ‘they’re mine, they’re mine’ and was screaming something about cutting her feet off and putting them in a shrine.”

Cliff Orsen, the organizer of the foot party said he has never had something like this occur before. “Foot fetishists can be a little odd, but usually not dangerous. We do background checks on the guests. We are looking into how this guy slipped through out screening.”

“I know something was wrong when he wouldn’t let go,” Andrea said, “that doesn’t usually happen.”

Photo credit: Alain-Christian CC: NC SA

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One more to grow on

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One more to grow on

Birthday bruises
I have a contentious relationship with my birthday. When I was 18 my parents had a party for me, it was a rather grown-up affair with family, aunts and uncles, etc and a pretty cake that my Mum made for me. It was fun but not really what most 18 year old’s would consider fun.…
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