Fertile Fields

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Fertile Fields

Naked bottom in field of long grass

“There is not a sprig of grass that shoots uninteresting to me.”  ~ Thomas Jefferson Related Posts: Adam’s Apple Sweet Spring, Cummings Lingering Give me shelter Forget The World
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Doll In Chains

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He fucks me hard. He holds my throat He pulls my chains as my thighs explode. Click the kiss to see who else is being sinful this Sunday.

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Rope Rigger Ego Too Big to Accomodate “Partner”

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Famed local rigger Taiyo has declared himself so completely awesome in his technique and abilities that he is no longer able to find a partner “worthy of his awesomeness.”

Instead, Taiyo has started a series of classes simply titled “Taiyo” which is a three hour seminar describing things Taiyo has done or that he hopes to do. At the conclusion of the seminar, others are free and welcome to tie their partners, but must “realize nothing they do will ever approach the awesomeness of Taiyo or his spectacular rope creations.”

According to Taiyo, he has reached a point in his tying that he no longer requires rope, only the thought of rope. He is able to “tie in his own mind” and the things he creates “are better than anything anyone else ever tied.”

RopeBunny47, a 22 year old rope bottom attends the class, but finds Taiyo to be “weird, creepy, and really really full of himself.”

RopeArtist, a 22 year old aspiring rigger, describes Taiyo as “awesome man, just awesome. The things he knows are like amazing and awesome. He doesn’t even need rope he just talks and it is like he is tying. I love his stories. I tell them myself sometimes, but with me in them. Taiyo taught me that, it’s all like in the mind.”

“RopeArtist is creepy too,” RopeBunny47 told The Daily Flogger, “plus he snores. Gross.”

Photo credit: Quinn Dombrowski CC: SA

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Sex Toy Gun

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Yesterday I was on my Fetlife account. I was scrolling through someone’s pictures. One popped up with the caption “Daddy’s new prize for me!” Her new prize was a bit. It was covered in some type of yellowed, plastic-ish thing. What… wha… o.O. So it’s brand new, and it’s yellow-ing-ish. I wish I had the [...]

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Dungeon Voices: Vegetarianism

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Do you eat meat?

man2 pc28
Nope. If being a vegetarian was good enough for Hitler, it is good enough for me!

-James Patton, 51, Shoe Salesman

I don’t eat meat. I just suck on it unless the cream comes out.

-Bethany Frantz, 19, Soda Carbonator

girl 4 pc 26
I was taught to never use my teeth when someone puts their meat in my mouth.

-BB LaRue, 22, Exotic Fish Specialist

Photo credits: Jasper Gregory, (cc), HM Revenue & Customs (cc)

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Being Fully Present: Slowing Down to Live in the Moment

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This is a guest post by moonlight.

Sunday morning, we were sitting at the dining room table finishing breakfast. Sir sat there, sipped His tea slowly and thoughtfully. He was deep in the stillness of the moment. I was a different story. My mind began to race with all the lists of to-do’s and should-do’s that awaited us for the day ahead. I felt the need to get up, clean up, and move things along. But it was obvious that He wanted to sit and slowly start his day.

I struggled. I wrestled with myself about what I should do. Do I get up and clean the dishes? Do I sit here and wait (impatiently) for my Dominant to get up and get moving (while probably looking impatient)? Do I keep going through my to-do list in my head wondering how to prioritize them to make sense of the day? Do I enjoy the quiet moment, watching Sir start His day peacefully? You know it wasn’t the last option that immediately came to mind. I find these moments in the lifestyle some of the hardest – but also some of the most needed.

You see, before I found the lifestyle and before I met Sir, I would work 2 or 3 jobs while also attending school full-time. I am not the kind of person who likes to “sit around” with “nothing” to do. I can be pretty stressed taking on too much work for the number of hours in the day. I know I do this and it catches up with me. I can snap, get tired, or feel completely overwhelmed before anything gets accomplished.

Personal growth and development is part of what attracts me to the lifestyle. Sir and I have come together knowing we would bring something to (Want to read more...)

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NLA Declares TGIFriday’s “Official Munch Franchise”

Posted by thedailyflogger (BDSM SATIRE) on Thursday Oct 23, 2014 Under Leather, News


After careful review of all the bid, the National Leather Association has selected TGIFridays as the Leather World’s official munch spot.

Master Jack, 47, said the “competition was close, but Friday’s really stepped up with their Spinach Florentine Flatbread and Broccoli Cheese Soup.”

Mistress Maria, a 23 year old Dominatrix from Austin, said that Outback was a close second, but the committee ran into issues when the restaurant wouldn’t give them meals for free. “They were cheapskates and that probably cost them. But that blooming onion dish is fucking delicious.”

Applebee’s, Coco’s and Denny’s were all considered for the franchise rights, but ultimately it was Friday’s that scored the coveted contract.

Being named an “official leather franchise” enables members of the leather community a place to go to validate their leather credentials and declare themselves members of a “tribe.”

“It is very important to leather identity,” says Sheila Ming, an anthropologist studying leather culture in the US. “And they are right about the soup. Delicious!”

Photo credit: Mike Mozart

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The Warehouse

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She was barefoot. The busty brunette thrashed at her handlers. Her sandals flew off her feet when she kicked. She was through the back of a strip-mall office and into an empty warehouse. They pushed her against a dark, dusty van and frisked her thoroughly. A man’s hands wove around her. They dove beneath her [...]

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General Life Updates – What’s coming?

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So I’m planning out my projects in some sort of orderly fashion. Here’s what’s coming down the pipe. I have a bunch of fiction to bang out, as well as some vanilla things, and best of all, this Halloween a kinky party. Woo, private decadent fun!

Writing queue:

First, for contest winners, 3 different 500 word stories…

Mikey: The epilogue to super porn.

JT: A night out is a slow burn tease.

G Loss: Pick something! Come on!


The last 20K words of Catamite, concluding the story.

Followed by a few ideas- what do you guys think would make a good ebook next?

1) A dominant woman has a first date with a substandard sub and gives the waiter her number instead, hijinks ensue.

2) She goes to discuss her grade with her TA- only she’s graduated and she wants him for her sub.

3) He’s completely naked at a party at her say so, and is utterly humiliated while watching her.

4) Two shy lovers both into BDSM confess their kinks to their partner, thinking the other to be pure vanilla.

5) He gives himself to her for the holidays, as her Christmas Slave [This one is about 1/4 written].

6) In the spacefaring future, a captured human researcher is forced to teach an alien planet’s primitive tribal queen about his culture’s secrets, while providing a sexual awakening for her.

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Dominant Man Marries Slave; Changes Everything

Posted by thedailyflogger (BDSM SATIRE) on Wednesday Oct 22, 2014 Under Kink, News


After eight years as a happy Master/slave couple, Mary and Mark Jones decided to “tie the knot” and make their relationship official.

“It was time,” said Mary Jones. “I’d been serving him for all this time and we were very happy in our relationship, so why not make it official in the eyes of the state and everyone else? I mean, what was he afraid of all that time?”

The transition from “slave” to “wife” was dramatic and immediate according to Mark Jones. “It was almost overnight. Up to the wedding, she was submissive and obedient and now, well, she just bitches a lot and wants things her way. I don’t understand what happened.”

Mary, who still identifies herself as a slave, says she has “found a new purpose in life” now that she is married. “I also attended a workshop on being a power slave, which is what I realized I was all along.”

“We are doing a lot of renegotiating,” says Mark, “but I am not sure it was such a good idea to get married. Please don’t print that.”

“Mistake, huh?” Mary responded. “We’ll see about that.”

Photo credit: Pierre Fridel CC: NC SA

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