Morning Glory

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Morning Glory

Molly asleep in bed with bare bum
I am so not a morning person and I don’t mean that in the ‘I am a little bit grumpy’ way or ‘ I take a few minutes to get going’ way but in the ‘I am an evil bitch’ kind of way. Mornings are a delicate procedure for me and as long as I…
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Interviewed by Dr. Sue Storm – #FemdomPodcast

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So right now my social media is beeping every half hour with promotional tweets about an awesome interview I did with Dr. Sue Storm, femdom, blogger and podcaster extraordinaire.She a very visible voice in the online kink community, so getting a chance to be in her show was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. And that is how I ended up on “In Bed With Dr. Sue” Click the link, hear me talk! 

One of the (many) things I like about Dr. Sue Storm is that she is pretty tireless in her desire to talk about femdom, not just as a thing that gets men off but that women want for its own sake. She reached out to me because she’s doing an author interview series to help get indie erotica get noticed and she remembered me from that time I was a snarky grump in the comment section of her blog. That’s the *other* thing I like about her, she takes different opinions under consideration and you know she’s smart enough if you can get her to agree with you, it’s really flattering.

She wanted me to talk about my book, “The Pet Gentleman” and spill my naughty secrets of whether this author lives the kinky dream. Well, you readers know I like nothing more than to torment a pretty man unspeakably (and I so owe you guys an update on how that facet of my life is going!), but I also talked a little bit about what I was doing at the same time I wrote my first sexy, sometimes shocking novel. That puts my in the company of some other great authors who’ve been featured on her show, including Laura Antoniou. eeeee

The interview was a great chance to toot my own horn, and she’s (Want to read more...)

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Opening Communication with Myself

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In every single article I write, I stress the importance of communication, so you would think that I practice as I preach and work really hard to include communication in my relationship. And truth is, I do try, but I have realized that open and honest communication with a partner can only happen when I am having an open and honest dialogue with myself.

I have a tendency to throw a temper tantrum when things do not go my way, which is surprising considering my upbringing. I do not lay on the floor and kick and scream like a child, but I do have an adult temper tantrum where I sulk and whine and make everyone in my vicinity absolutely miserable. And it’s usually over stupid stuff. I feel jaded because… Chief went to the gym and signed up for a member ship and (1) didn’t sign me up and (2) signed up for the more expensive plan even though we are trying to save money. Now both of those two things are irksome. They are not work throwing a fit in front of guests. But I got all tired and broody and just kept thinking, “I would never have done that” over and over as I made dinner.

My guests were trying to figure out why I was mad and whose side they should be on, Chief was trying to figure out what he did wrong, and I just kept saying “I’m fine” and stomping around the apartment.

Then I took a shower.

And in the shower I started to think. I was mad because I think about him in every situation – would he like this, should I buy this for him, am I having more fun than him right now (and if I am I feel guilty (Want to read more...)

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On Hold

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On Hold

Papers in folder tray
Charlie Powell (aka Sex Blog of Sorts) is running a writing competition on her blog at the moment in which you request the name of a lipstick from her and pen a story using the lipstick name as a title. To my utter amazement the name she gave me was ‘On Hold’ and I will…
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Trolling the Net #26

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Trolling the Net #26

qwerty keyboard
A couple of days late but who cares….*don’t answer that 1. Lipstick appears to be popular this week. Firstly on Kristina Lloyd’s site she is giving away a copy of her new book to the person who can match the writer/bloggers to their shade of lipstick. My lips are included in the list…..Competition, match the…
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31 Days To Better Domestic Service: Using Evernote To Build Your Home Management Journal

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Now that you have the basics of a Home Management Binder and you can put a physical binder together, some of you may want a digital version. Evernote is a great free program to make that happen and when I went paperless I used a great guide to get me on the right path. Now I could have written out a detailed post about how to do it, but I’ve found a couple of resources that do it for me! I’m going to share the one that I used first, and then, if you want a free guide, I’m going to link you to a great detailed post online as well.

Simply Convivial’s author, Mystie Winckler has the best guide out there for Paperless Home Organization and I can’t recommend her ebook enough. She helped me learn to use Evernote, Remember the Milk and Google’s free tools to run my home and have less clutter! This is not an affiliate and I’m not getting paid to talk about her ebook. It’s just something amazing that changed my life and can change yours too. At the time of this post the ebook is just $4.99!

Get the Ebook!

Inside the book, Mystie teaches you how to store digitally everything you would normally have in a Homemaking Journal using free web tools and apps for your smartphone and tablet. “Paperless Home Organization will walk you through setting up your systems with screenshots and easy to follow instructions. It is your ultimate guide to maximizing your efficient use of your technology, even if you aren’t naturally techie.” (Simply Convivial, retrieved 9/15/15)

If you are still up in the air about the books value, check out her free sample.

Get the Ebook!

I don’t want to pay for it, just tell me how!

(Want to read more...)

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Picard Has It, Janeway Doesn’t – Maybe

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This is another guest post by my friend, “Brian.”

It’s something of a counter-argument to Rev’s post about Captain Janeway from a few months ago.  The funny thing is, when writing it, Brian was completely unaware of the existence of Rev’s post (he wrote and posted this on another site, and it is shared with his permission), and it’s not exactly an argument.  It’s just a different reaction, from a different point of view.  I don’t mean to set this up as “pick a side” – and neither does either of the authors.  My point in posting this here is to reinforce that there are many types of doms (a point I think both authors make very well), and that you don’t really need to conform to anyone else’s idea of what a “real Dom” is.

Yes, there are some basics, and some best practices that it can be beneficial to incorporate, but every person is different, and thus, so must be every Dom (and every submissive).  While all of the stereotypes and “categories” of Dominants can be interesting (and even helpful) places to start in the crafting of our own Dominant personas, trying to “fully inhabit” any of those stereotypes – especially if we’re basing our definition on the surface, external symptoms, rather than digging to understand the structure – the “why” behind those visible actions – and leaving ourselves completely behind is, in my estimation, a mistake, and takes us further away from our Dominance, rather than strengthening it.

 Read what Brian has to say, go read Rev’s post again, and (without necessarily “choosing sides,”) decide for yourself what Dominance means, in your own life.


“I can’t find a real Dom.” the submissive complains, “I dated this person who seemed legit but it turns (Want to read more...)

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31 Days To Better Domestic Service: Building Your Physical Home Management Journal

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Today we are going to start building the workhorse of an organized home. We’ll discuss the physical notebook today and tomorrow I’ll cover how to make a digital version using Evernote. If you missed yesterday’s post, head back and read about the Home Management Binder and why it’s an important tool to control and manage your home. For my own home, I started with a physical file but have moved to a digital one so that I can access my information from any device that I have on hand.

When I first began working on my notebook years ago, I turned to Google to find pages I could print and use. After all, numerous women have made available an abundance of free home management printables. They come in an array of colors, designs and content included so  you can make yours look fantastic too. You’ll find links to a few good places to go for your own free printables at the bottom of this post. But after some time of editing and adding to the pages, I soon realized that one size does not fit all. And none of them were submissive or slavery focused. I had to develop my own idea of what to keep track of pertaining to my submissive goals.

Subsequently, I developed my own home management binder pages—pages that meet the needs of my home life. If you haven’t assembled a home management binder that works for you (or perhaps you haven’t even considered having one), then the following may be of help.

My old binder. I’ve not used it in years and was surprised to still have it!

Questions to ask when assembling a home management binder

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A Little Cup of Summer

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A Little Cup of Summer

Enjoying cup of coffee naked in the garden
For me probably one of my most loved simple pleasures in life is warm sunshine. Sadly living in England there is limited supply of it but this last week we have been experiencing a little bit of last-minute summer which has not only allowed me to get out (and naked) with my camera but to…
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31 Days To Better Domestic Service: The Home Management Journal

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If you’ve ever wished you had a resource for everything related to your house care and maintenance, daily life and meal planning then this is the book for you. Sure it takes a bit to get started and developed but once you have one in place you’ll find your life to be so organized, together and efficient. What I’m talking about is the Home Management Journal. It’s also called the Home Binder, the Home Care Journal, The Control Journal and the Home Blessing Binder, a well as a few others. It is the tool that an organized home can’t live without.

The Home Management Binder is a physical or digital collection of chore lists, tasks, calendars, reminders, important information, meal planning, recipes and so much more. The overarching purpose of a home management notebook or binder is to build a command central that holds all of the information anyone in the family needs regular access to; however, there are many different ways that individual families use their notebooks. Trust me, you’ll find a lot of uses for the Binder that you currently have spread all over the home. The overarching purpose of a home management notebook or binder is to build a command central that holds all of the information anyone in the family needs regular access to; however, there are many different ways that individual families use their notebooks.Putting them in one place will be an ah-ha moment. In this series I’m going to talk about both types of Journals. I started my home management with a physical journal and have since moved it to almost all digital using Evernote and Google Calendar.

 Do You Need One?

That’s a good question! Are you always doing chores? Do you forget to schedule your car maintenance? When was the last time you clean the (Want to read more...)

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