New Study: Only 12% Use Term “Collar” Correctly

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Research from Chickasaw Community College has found that only 12% of those using the term “collar” in the BDSM community are doing so correctly.


According to Dr. Martin Groobnick, lead research on the project, the project team was surprised to find that only 8% of the study’s population used the term in a way they considered “wrong,” a finding completely eclipsed by the 47% who were really wrong and the 23% who were “clueless.”

For Groobnick, one of the most surprising findings was the group who were saying things either so stupid or outrageous that they had to rework their coding scheme. “We created a category called WTF for comments that seemed either disconnected from reality for just too stupid for words.” That grouping garnered 10% of the results, only slightly less than those who used the term correctly.

Photo credit: doug s CC: SA NC

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In Which Domestic Servitude Is Didn’t Happen

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spring-53-servantsRecently I experimented with interviewing a service sub.

Wildcard, bless him, responds to the constant trickle of male attention I get by being amused through to delighted. For the most part the attempts to scale Fortress Pearl tend to be alarmingly unfortunate- bad spelling and bigger egos demanding dynamics with me NOW before first names are even exchanged, much less conformed.

Wildcard, who is as I describe to others, purely decorative, likes to read my fetlife messages, chortling at every unsolicited Goddess or presumptuous Mistress plz.  Recently, following a conversation focused on upgrading our cheap apartment, I attracted a service oriented sub. And he at least was a cut above the usual nonsense.

I like domestically fussy things. I have multiple pinterest boards devoted to that sort of foof, and Wildcard woo’ed me on my birthday with the gift of an Imperial Red Kitchenaid. But honestly, I’m very disorganized. You would think, given this fact and my orientation, I’d be awash in nice men scrubbing and polishing, but I’ve always shied away from domestic servitude.

I have never been able to put my finger on precisely why- maybe it’s being. Or maybe it’s because every hint of the experience has ended like so:

Enter “Servile” via a fetlife message. Other than a surprising devotion to misuse of ellipsis, he seems sincere enough. I make myself honest- my profiles are not set to looking and this is not a fetish I’ve had any experience with outside of that one guy who did my dishes and tried to give me a Clocky.

And, I stressed the importance Wildcard had in my life, how he mattered to me and so on. This was all very well and good by Servile. He just wanted to serve, and according to him, served married (Want to read more...)

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Micromanagement and Macromanagement: What’s the Difference?

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Awhile ago, I was talking to a friend of mine and asked her if she had any good topic ideas because it’s good to have outside influences and she suggested micromanaging vs proactivity. I got super excited because, it’s an awesome topic. I figured it would be a rather easy topic to write about, but before I started writing, I posted a question in a group on Fetlife asking both masters and slaves(as this is a Masters and slaves group)whether they preferred to be micromanaged or proactive and asked the masters what they prefer from their slaves. Let me just say, but the various answers I received, I realized this wasn’t going to be as easy of a topic as I had thought.

Ever since I have started out in the lifestyle, I always heard of micromanaging and being proactive. With that, I always considered proactiveness being the opposite of micromanaging and in a way it is, but I found a better match, for both words. Micromanaging vs macromanaging and reactive service vs proactive service. With the reading I have done, I have also learned that micro/macromanaging is more of how the master leads while re/proactive service is more what the slave does. I found a lot and read a lot and realized that I couldn’t fit everything into just one article without having an article that would be about the size of War and Peace. So, I’m breaking this down into something more manageable. Today will be the differences between micromanaging and macromanaging and later will come the article about reactive vs proactive service.

Before I go any further, I want to define what micromanagement and macromanagement is.

Micromanagement: Management or control with excessive attention to minor details; where a manager closely observes or controls (Want to read more...)

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30 Days of Kink: Happy and Curious!

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30 days of kink is almost finished up, especially with me cramming multiple days in a go. Thankfully, after several days asking me to whine, these few days are all about good things and stuff I like again.

Day 19: Any unexpected ways kink has improved your life?  If so, what are they?

Uh, unexpected? I guess the BDSM scene gives me a chance to practice being in an organizational role, based on the whole munch thing, so there’s that…

I don’t think kink adds anything to my life that wasn’t already there- if I had vanilla sexuality I’d probably be just as invested volunteering related to that. I guess I will have to admit if I wasn’t so darn reliant on text RP for titillation as a teenager, I’d never have developed my writing ability? But I’m not a person who takes BDSM very seriously as a self identity and this informs how much it’ll effect other parts of my life.

Day 20:  Talk about something within kink/bdsm that you’re curious about/don’t understand.

I’m curious why femdom and maledom end up looking so radically different a lot of the time in porn, when in practice the gender of the dominant is way less crucial to the packaging than the fetish selection might imply. I mean other than “the Patriarchy”, which seems disappointing.

Day 21: Favorite BDSM related book (fiction or non-fiction)

Gosh, that’s a tough one. I’ve already demonstrated a certain degree of cynicism regarding the mainstream stuff aimed at femdom- eg my review of The Mistress Manual. I like some fiction, but BDSM as a setting can only go so far, especially when I’m firmly into being an evil fetishist but I like character depth and not snuff. For example the Little Submissions guy gets it right, (Want to read more...)

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Daddy’s Little Liar

Posted by TheSinDoll on Monday Oct 20, 2014 Under Erotica

“So we got money comin’ in from that thing in Philly. We’re in our room, the four of us. It was me, Tony, Big Tony, and Rocka’.” “Rocker? What kind of name is that?” Summer giggled, innocent little whore she was supposed to be. “Ehhh… We call ‘em Rocka’ on account of how he rocks [...]

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GM Consults with Bondage Expert on New Seatbelt System

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Consultants with the GM Safety Group have begun consulting an unusual source for safety innovation–the local bondage community. “They have a history of restraining people safely and effectively,” Dr. Martin Gruber, head safety designer for GM, told The Daily Flogger.

While many of the ideas seemed unconventional at first, putting passengers in strict bondage, coupled with seat belt technology, increased safety by a factor of 10.

“It is hard to argue with results,” said Nathan Meggerson, safety expert for Car & Driver magazine. “They get results and the level of customer satisfaction, particularly among women is the highest we have ever seen.”

The new models of GM cars will come with an “advanced restraint system” as well as a built in vibrator in the passenger side seat.

Photo credit: Lorelei, (used with permission)

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A Symbol for Dominants?

Posted by submissive guide on Monday Oct 20, 2014 Under Collars, Relationships

The collar you wear is a reminder of your submission and your relationship with your Dominant. It can mean the same as a wedding ring or that you are submissive to them for a certain period of time. More often than not, the Dominant is the one who gave you that collar. But is there something that you can give them that would work similarly? I don’t believe so.

When I think about why I value my collar, the importance I give it is one of treasure and connection. It’s a physical reminder that I am submissive to someone who I care for and trust completely. I can touch it in times of stress and know that it means he’s not going anywhere and that I can relax in his gaze. It really does mean a lot for me to be able to wear it.

But not everyone applies the same reverence to the collar they wear.

The collar is a symbol, it belongs to the Dominant but the submissive gets to wear it as a symbol of their ownership. That collar also works as a symbol of Dominance for the one who gave it, right? So in effect, the collar works as a relationship symbol and not one side or the other. Ask any Dominant what the collar means and it will mean ownership – to them.

If we dumb it down to an example of a dog and their owner, the dog may have a collar as a symbol of ownership, but the owner doesn’t need anything to remind them they own the dog. The collar does that. While we are not dogs and I’m not insinuating that a collar in a D/s sense has only the importance equal to a dog collar, it works in a (Want to read more...)

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What’s Love Got to Do With It? BDSM and Relationships

Posted by submissive guide on Monday Oct 20, 2014 Under Relationships

“Love” Can Mean Many Things

Perhaps when we use that word in the BDSM community or in regard to other grown up relationships, we most often thing of sexual/romantic love and the relationships that involve that kind of emotion. But there’s also self-love, friend love, bromance, the bond between a mentor and mentee, love for a pet, a family member, an activity, or simply being alive. Love is an experience really- an inner experience that can come upon us out of the blue as we sit beside the ocean, listen to music that touches us, pray, dance, fuck, read a story that moves us, or just stand and breathe, suddenly aware that we’re fully alive in this moment, appreciating the very breath that moves in and out of our lungs. When we develop a special, ongoing bond with someone that triggers this internal experience consistently, we tend to call it “love” and “relationship”. In fact, the concept of Love and the word itself have taken on a weight of significance that sometimes makes us afraid to use the word for fear of taking on a concurrent responsibility or commitment that we may not want.

There was an article making the rounds recently that explored the idea of being able to say “I love you” easily and often, knowing it didn’t mean one was making a commitment to an ongoing relationship with someone, but simply intending to express a momentary experience of the feeling in relation to someone one’s interacting with at the time. I’ve been unsuccessfully trying to find the article to include here and I’m struck by just how many titles come up in my search that are related to love and all the ideas we have about how to share it, “when’s the right time to say it” (Want to read more...)

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Support Plus The Passion Cage

Posted by Kinkysexlink on Sunday Oct 19, 2014 Under Bondage, CBT, Reviews, Sex Toys

Oh I want, I want, I want! That was my reaction as soon as I saw the picture of this unusual contraption. I was compelled by the hard and edgy SM look of the Support Plus The Passion Cage, and I was curious to see how it would feel when used during penetration. A multi purpose toy is always a welcome addition to any toy chest. I was so happy we were both extremely pleased with it in the end.

My first though was bondage when I saw this toy we got at Naughty But Nice. Although I am curious about chastity play and have the real ‘lock the cock away’ deal at home, I am more attracted by the look rather than the idea behind chastity. This sleeve was perfect to give a visual and mental cue of chastity and ownership without hindering the use of the penis. My bf/sub loves restriction so he was very excited to try it as well. He loved the feeling of the Passion Cage when wearing it, keeping him tight and in bondage. It did not cause any discomfort either and the sleeve has a decent stretch. So I think it should fit most men, really big boys may not be able to use this toy however. You will need a bit of lube to slip this boy on. Once on the penis it looked solidly in place and did not slip off.


The smoky color of the sleeve gives it a wild edge which I enjoy a lot. I really like the look of the penis with the sleeve on. It is made of TPR in a random web like pattern. To the touch the sleeve is very smooth without any sharp edges but it is sticky when dry. Once lubed it is slick. Just by looking at it, one may think the webbing could break easily, I guess time will tell, but with closer inspection it should be strong enough to last for a while. It is a hypo allergenic, latex free and phthalates free material.

The Passion Cage is 3″ in length so it is not meant to cover the entire length of a shaft. The diameter is of 1 3/4″ in, claiming to penis with a girth of up to 3″. It should fit most men but really big boys may not be able to use this toy. This Support Plus The Passion Cage also serves as a great cock ring. Two sets of semi circles made of stainless steel are lined up to create two cock rings. The metal pieces are encased in the TPR. This creates a pressure on the penis making it harder and letting the man to last longer. The great thing about the semi circle design is that it removes the fear some men have: the loss of their precious package due to strangulation if the ring could not be removed easily it in case of emergency.

OK so he loves it, love the feel and the sensation. What about me? Well the Support Plus The Passion Cage can be worn during intercourse giving both partners extra sensations. You will feel extra girth and it may come as a surprise at first when the metal rings slip into you. But if you lube everything up well and start off slow you will soon be swooning with pleasure at the extra texture and feeling of fullness. Plus your partner should last a bit longer as the pressure constricts the blood flow keeping him harder longer. But guy go slow at first or she will not enjoy the ride.

I cannot express just how much we both enjoyed the Passion Cage. The sleeves looks like nothing at first glance but it could become a quick favorite that you will reach for almost every time. A big double thumbs up. It is available for purchase at Naughty But Nice.

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We Vibe II G Spot Plus Couples Vibrator

Posted by Mystress Lady Evyl on Sunday Oct 19, 2014 Under Mystress Lady Evyl, Sex Toys

The We Vibe II G Spot Plus Couples Vibrator is an excellent vibrator designed to stimulate both partners during sex. I think it is the most clever sex aid invention in a long time. The dual vibrating ends stimulate both the clitoris and the g-spot and can be worn comfortably during penetration. Alas, it will not fit ever anatomy and may not be good for all couples, but it has helped thousands so far. It is a hit or miss with a higher price tag but it just may be worth the experiment.

wv 4-300x300

You control the We Vibe II G Spot Plus Couples Vibrator, sold at Naughty But Nice, by pressing the button you will feel on the clitoral side. You cannot see the button, you have to feel for it. Each click moves to the next pulse mode. To turn off you have to go through all the modes. This vibe is relatively silent which is great when discretion is needed. The overall length of the toy is just over  3 inches with the widest thickness of 1.5 inch, anyone will be able to insert this toy without a problem. Made of  medical grade silicone the instructions say it is water resistant too so you could take it in the pool or tub with you. You can bend or straighten the toy with ease as it is flexible. For extra stimulation there are grooves placed on the inner sides of the toy.

The big question everyone has with this vibe is will it really fit in and a penis? The answer is yes, there is plenty of room in there to stretch a bit and it feels GOOD. If you plan on sharing the toy I would suggest encasing it in a condom for other partners. Another idea (Want to read more...)

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