Funny Shirt Sales Down 78% in BDSM Community

Posted by thedailyflogger (BDSM SATIRE) on Tuesday Sep 2, 2014 Under News


Kinky Tees, the country’s leading manufacturer of humorous BDSM t-shirts, hats, and buttons has reported a sharp decline in sales of kinky merchandise, plummeting almost 80% over the last year.

“We are not sure what is happening exactly,” said Karen Kimston, VP for the company’s marketing division.  “We used to sell a lot of shirts and hats at BDSM conventions, but over the last year, people just aren’t buying.”

According to Master Devon Trupalo, 58, a new wave of sensitivity sweeping the BDSM world could be responsible.  “People aren’t really sure what is funny anymore.  It is a confusing time.  You don’t want to offend anyone with your choice of T-shirt or funny hat.  It is tough to know these days what is going to be considered homophobic or a slur against a marginalized group.”

It isn’t just slogans that have people worried.

Jim Thorton, 43, is still apologizing for his callous and thoughtless donning of a light blue hoodie that was almost identical in color to the one worn by someone who brushed up against Kaylee Shortlick, 18, in a crowded subway.  Shortlick found the hoodie’s coloring to be what she called “very triggery” because it was in the same color family as the one worn by her assailant.

“It gets worse when people have clothing that say funny things,” said Shortlick, “because it feels like they aren’t taking sexual assault seriously.  There is nothing funny about, well, most things.  So I think these shirts are all in bad taste.”

Kinky Tees is considering creating a “Trigger Warning Pullover” which can be worn over the offending shirt, allowing people to consent to the shirt before viewing it.

“We hope that the pullover might alleviate some of the anxiety among community members and hopefully allow people to buy (Want to read more...)

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The Things I Carry That Help My Submission

Posted by submissive guide on Tuesday Sep 2, 2014 Under Submission

The other day, I was going through folders in my inbox, just to see what I had in there, especially the one folder I have labeled “assorted stuff”, which by the way, is not the way to go if you’re wanting to stay organized in any fashion. It’s become my dump all for emails and whatnot I’m not sure where else to put besides creating a folder for that one item. I found something I hadn’t seen in a very, very long time. It was a homework assignment from a past dominant of mine. I’m a major literature geek and I got lucky enough at one point to have a dominant who was a Vietnam literature professor. I can’t tell you how much I loved being able to get my geek on and have someone who shared my love and passion for books. One of the books he brought me to read is “The Things They Carried” by Tim O’Brien and it’s a collection of short stories about an American platoon in Vietnam. He taught this book in his class and gave an assignment along with it: to write about five things, psychical, mental, emotionally, that the student carries with them. After I read the book, I was given this assignment as well. It was an interesting paper to write and one of those extremely thought-provoking ones as well. It was extremely interesting to re-read it considering I was in my early twenties when I wrote this and to see how the things I carried back then have changed from the things I carry now. It also got me thinking about the five things I carry for my submission, the things that me keep in my slave mindset or help with enhancing my submission.

1. My Tablet- The reason this (Want to read more...)

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Ask lunaKM – What should I expect the first meeting?

Posted by submissive guide on Monday Sep 1, 2014 Under Relationships

hello again, ive been talking with a DOM who is considering me for sub training. and wants me to go to him, what should i be expecting on the first face to face meet. ? wendylee

Well, that’s a difficult question with a simple answer. You expect whatever the two of you negotiated would happen.

I say this because a first meeting can be anything from having coffee together, going on a date, to full-on sex and play. It’s simply based on what the two of you are comfortable doing and how you want the relationship to progress. Oftentimes, if communication is strong then you’ll know what is expected of you, you will have agreed to it and the anticipation of meeting will be magnetic.

Othertimes the meeting is unplanned and you are unsure what will happen and just go with the flow. That can lead you to dangerous waters; from play you really aren’t interested in, unplanned sex, being alone with someone who you find really creepy face to face, and more risky things.

I would err on the side of caution and go with a dating atmosphere first, especially since you said you have just started talking to them.

Expect to be:

  • nervous
  • cautious
  • self-aware
  • excited
  • horny
  • unsure

Here is some more advice on first meetings and what to expect.

Do you have a question or would like to get some advice? All questions are anonymous. Ask lunaKM!

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Wedding Vows

Posted by mollyskiss on Monday Sep 1, 2014 Under Uncategorized

Wedding Vows

Black bride and groom white wedding

I have been following Leone Ross’ Ten Day Flash Fiction Challenge on Facebook which was bought to my attention by Remittance Girl. The challenge is currently on Day 7 but so far I have been short of time and possibly a little bit lacking in confidence to actually join in, until now…. Exercise 7: A…
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Gaza Conflict Reaches BDSM World

Posted by thedailyflogger (BDSM SATIRE) on Monday Sep 1, 2014 Under News


Palastinian refugees have begun showing up in Israeli dungeons in record numbers as tensions escalate in the West Bank.

Most of the Arab visitors have been found taking a dominant role and have delighted in whipping, torturing, spanking and binding Israeli slaves.

In response, John Kerry has started a campaign to have translations of classic BDSM works such as The Story of O and John Norman’s Gor series dropped into the occupied territories.

A spokesperson for Secretary of State said that Kerry believes “if we can get them to start hitting each other in the dungeon, rather than bombing each other in the streets, we might be able to end this conflict or at least turn it into something super hot and sexy.”

Officials from Hamas and the IDF refused comment, but did spend a long time looking at pictures and videos of Mistress Al Abdu Alikhan using a Hitachi Magic Wand on Batsheva Netanyahu, who both sides agreed was a “super sexy submissive little minx.”

Kerry’s office told The Daily Flogger, “They thought the video was hot, so that is a start.  If you can get both sides masturbating to the same porn, I think you can start making some real progress.”

Photo Credit: wallaa astampogy


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He Challenges Me and I Like it Like That

Posted by submissive guide on Monday Sep 1, 2014 Under Submission

He’s a strong person. Most of the submissives I know are, not that I know all the submissives well enough to know. But submissives and slaves are often some of the strongest people I know. One of the super common misconceptions about submission is that one who submits is weak, un-opinionated, falls easily at your feet (or anyone’s feet), a blank slate just waiting to be filled up with your Domly advice, ideas, training, desires, etc.


I’ve met a few that would fit that category, or at least that appeared that way in a certain context (attending to their Dominant at a party or gathering, for example, which can be completely deceptive). In my (admittedly somewhat limited 5 years of) experience, this is the exception rather than the rule.


I don’t intend or feel any judgment about what kind of submission or submissive someone has or is, yet I do have personal preferences (Surprised? Have you met me yet?). For me, what makes the relationship and play I have with my beast so precious and juicy for me, is that his submission does not come easy to him.


That’s all relative of course. Some of the things that were hard for him to submit to in the beginning have gotten much easier by now. We both love to push the edges of our comfort zones, try new things, explore new territory in ourselves and together. We’ve both grown in terms of what’s comfortable, where we’re confident, how much we trust each other in specific areas and with specific things. One of the wonderful things about playing with the same person over time is that, like having a long term dance partner, you get to know the other in such an intimate way. You can intuit (Want to read more...)

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One is Silver and the Other Gold: The Importance of Friends

Posted by submissive guide on Monday Sep 1, 2014 Under Uncategorized

Moving is hard.  There’s no mincing words about it and it’s probably very obvious that change isn’t easy.  The other night I hosted the last Submissive Forum in my area. I’ve hosted them for 2 years, made a lot of wonderful friends and learned so much about myself and submission. There’s something about friendship and support that feeds me in a way nothing else can. I find friendship important. These men and women had been my support system for 2 years and now I had to say goodbye to them.

I held myself together for the meeting, but inside I was saying goodbye and already missing people. They’ve changed my life, improved my submission and opened my eyes to even more unique and interesting ways to live.  I’m so thankful that I can meet and get to know so many people and having to say goodbye is hard, so hard. I cried on my way home and vowed to make it back as soon as I could.

I’m already planning to start a submissive forum in the new town since there isn’t one and I’m sure I will have many new friends and experiences. These new experiences and friends will definitely continue my self exploration, open my eyes to more ways to live in D/s and certainly I’ll build more friends and a support system I can use here when I need it.

The thing is that I don’t make friends easily and I’m even worse at keeping them. I’ve known this about myself since my childhood school days. I had one friend. While we were inseparable we’ve often said that if we met as adults we wouldn’t be friends. We are so very different now. I think, also, that as adults, making friends is harder. You have work and (Want to read more...)

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Dom/me Question: I Hurt Him, How Do I Not Do That Again?

Posted by cinful on Sunday Aug 31, 2014 Under BDSM
Dom/me Question: My boyfriend and I just recently started dating though we’ve been best friends for almost four years. He loves being dominated and is a masochist. He knows a lot about BDSM and loves the sub aspect of it. I’m very new to being dom and would love to know a few things. Talking […]
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lunaKM’s Weekend Reflections

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KnyghtMare and I got to play this weekend and after a long dry spell I’m sure that we’ll be back at it again soon. It was lots of fun and I have lovely bruises to show for it!

Labor Day heralds the unofficial end of summer and I’m sure most of you have children or know of someone with children that are back at school now. Our education never ends and for a submissive there’s so much to learn!  What I’d like to know from you today, down in the comments, are your questions about Long Distance Relationships. If you are in one, or just curious about them, put your questions in the comments and I’ll try to get you some posts on the topics this coming month!

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Dungeon Voices: Public Play

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Do you enjoy doing BDSM in public?

I didn’t know we were allowed to do it in private.

-Zoe Mibbs, 19, Chemist

man2 pc28
Does masturbating outside of my neighbor’s window while she undresses count as “public?” If so, then yes.

-Darryl Timp, 51, Civil War Re-enactor

girl 4 pc 26
I guess, I mean do you consider gang bangs public?

-Koral Zin., 27, Seamstress

Photo credits: Jasper Gregory

(cc), HM Revenue & Customs (cc)

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