Hold me tight

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Hold me tight

Hold me tight
I know exactly when I first fell in love with corsets. I can’t remember how old I was but it was in front of my parents TV, watching Gone with the Wind, a movie that to this day remains as one of my all time favourite films ever. I wanted to be Scarlett. She was…
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Dungeon Troll Finds Slave to be “Too Much Work”

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After five years of skulking about in dungeons and play parties, resident dungeon troll Keith Pearington, 53, was approached by a woman looking for a traditional Master/slave relationship.

According to the slave, 29 year old Donna Quint, Pearington was “always hanging around the dungeon and seemed to know everyone.”  She was shocked to learn that her would be master had never had a D/s relationship and “only played a handful of times, usually when someone wanted to humiliate their partner by letting the dungeon trolls use her.”

The short lived relationship was a challenge for Pearington who found the responsibilities of slave ownership overwhelming.  “I think I am going to go back to watching and masturbating,” Pearington told The Daily Flogger, “it is a lot less work, and I don’t have to talk to myself when I am done.”

Quint says she is a bit wiser from the experience.  “Just because you see someone at the dungeon doesn’t mean you should completely commit every aspect of your life to them in complete service,” she said.  “That was a good lesson for me to learn.”

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Can Someone Learn to be a Dominant?

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One of the questions that comes up from time to time amounts to “how can I learn to be a Dominant”?

It can sound like, “There’s the person I want to get with and they say I’m not Dominant enough. How do I fix that?” Or, my sweetheart wants me to try BDSM and wants me to be the Dominant one. I just can’t seem to do it. Help!”


There are many ways to learn to be more assertive, to work on speaking up more and develop leadership skills. That’s not quite the same as being a Dominant.


If you think about it, most of us has at least one area of our lives where we’re in charge. It could be with our kids, at work, with the plumber, with a group we belong to. But where we’re talking about “Being a Dominant”, we’re talking about BDSM. That means that when it comes to exploring the types of play that involve bondage, dominance, submission, sadism and masochism, we like to embody the type of energy that we find at the dominant end of the spectrum. It doesn’t mean that you have to be into sadism or bondage, but generally speaking, you like to be in charge of the action. It’s very simple really.

It often happens that we like being dominant in an intimate setting, in a sexual relationship, but it also can happen without sex or even an ongoing relationship. If you look up “service topping” or “ordeal priest” you’ll see a couple of examples of ways that can happen.


Whatever the setting though, the key is that it’s what we’re drawn to. There’s an innate desire, sexual or not, to be in control of the scenario. In my experience, you can’t (Want to read more...)

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Book Review: BDSM Mastery: Your Guide to Play, Parties and Scene Protocols

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It’s been a long while since I’ve reviewed any books on Submissive Guide and boy do I have a back log! The first book up for review is from the BDSM Mastery series by Robert J Rubel Ph.D and M. Jen Fairfield titled BDSM Mastery – Basics: your guide to play, parties and scene protocols. This book is written for people interested in entering the face to face community and exploring BDSM in their lives. It’s also helpful for people who have played privately but are ready to get into the local scene. As Bob explains in the Introduction, “This is not a book that explains what BDSM is, this is a book that explains what BDSM is all about.”

And he sticks with that through the book. It’s more than definitions and simple logic, it’s a walk-through about how BDSM looks and feels, how it develops and how to find people that like the things you do. So, if you are looking for a book that tells you how to use a cane, or where the danger spots are on the body, you won’t find it here. But you will find why someone would enjoy caning, how to physiologically set up a scene and learn about the importance of trust when building a scene.

The authors propel the reader through the book with stories and first hand accounts, quotes and input from others well known in the BDSM community. This is definitely a plus, considering I’ve read a lot of beginning BDSM books and they tend to get dry and boring if you don’t include any anecdotes. Of course, most of them were more focused on definitions and labels, than really walking you through BDSM as an interactive part.

Once you get past the introduction you’ll learn (Want to read more...)

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lunaKM’s Weekend Reflections

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Hi folks,

Sleeping has been a problem for me for some time now and I know I’m going to have to break down and do a sleep study soon. Based on a suggestion from a friend I’m taking Melatonin to see if that helps me stay asleep. The last 2 nights I’ve slept in KnyghtMare’s bed and I’ve had restful sleep. It could mean a lot of things… the futon mattress I’m sleeping on is uncomfortable, the cats keep waking me up, or the Melatonin is helping. Even a combination isn’t ruled out.

I’m sure you’ll all agree that sleep is important to daytime productivity. So I have to get it figured out, and soon.

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Now for the week in review:

This Week on Submissive Guide

This (Want to read more...)

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Dungeon Voices: Trendspotting

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What is the next big trend in BDSM?

I am hoping for more rape play.

-Kimberly Twase, 21, Meat Inspector

girl 4 pc 26
Cuddling. It is actually way kinkier than it sounds. That and actually listing to what your partner says. Hear that Brent? It is a trend.

-Kim Cluck, 29, Biochemist

man2 pc28
Older guys with some hair loss who have trouble talking to women. Perfect for young submissive women.

-Fred Finkle, 58, Insurance Salesman

Photo credits: Jasper Gregory, (cc), HM Revenue & Customs (cc)

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Mirrors Edge

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Mirrors Edge

A slice of Molly in the mirror
Just a little bit of me A slice Not quite all Just enough for you to see A little bit of me Related Posts: Strangers in the night Multitude of Sins A landscape of flesh Invincible A Look of my Own
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Dominant Issues Apology for “Hurtful Remarks”

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Dominant and Master Willard Droggert, 32, is in hot water after berating his slave at The Hell Pit, Walla Walls’s BDSM dungeon and kinky sex shop.  As part of his scene, Droggert repeatedly insulted his slave calling her “worthless” and “stupid.”

Heather Montgomery, 20, found the scene to be offensive and “very, very triggering.”  Montgomery said that when she heard the words worthless and stupid she “immediately began looking around the room for her mother” who frequently used those words to describe the submissive women.

Droggert, knowing for his heavy humiliation scenes, has agreed to keep any name calling private and has issued an apology to Montgomery and to the local community.

Dungeon owner Sam Kipbert has implemented a system of white board placed outside each of the play stations at the Hell Pit where participants can issue “trigger warnings” so that dungeon members can avoid inadvertently being traumatized by other people’s behavior.

“It is a step in the right direction,” says Montgomery, “but wouldn’t it just be easier to have people not do the things that bother me?”

Photo credit: Axel Taferner CC: NC SA

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Trolling the Net #13

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Trolling the Net #13

qwerty keyboard
And another working week staggers to a close…. 1. If you have been a regular reader of my blog then you will hopefully know the name “Pieces of Jade”. A long time sex blogger and very good friend of mine. You may also know that recently she closed her blog down. This was as a…
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BDSM Names Reach Mathematical Limit

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Researchers at the University of Oslo have determined that for usernames of less than 16 letters, every possible combination of allowable letters, symbols and numbers involving the name “kitty” have now been assigned.

“It is a remarkable thing,” said lead researcher Sven Berkowitz, Association Professor of Finite Mathematics.  “We were shocked by the results.  We were trying to discover the time it would take to find the mathematical limit, only to discover it had already been reached.”

Research assistant Helena Swift summarized the results.  “If you want a screen name with ‘kitty’ in it, you are basically fucked.  They are all taken.”

The study notes the significance of Sheila Heath’s moniker, SexyKitty1992, which was the “last available kitty name on record,” and was registered sometime last week.

Heath was delighted to know she got the last kitty name.  “I only tried like four or five.  I just added my birth year to sexy and kitty and it worked.  I couldn’t believe it.”

Kim Jones, also born in 1992, believes there had to be some special exception.  “I know I tried that screen name and it was taken.  I am way sexier than Sheila and my birthday is earlier so that should be my screen name.  Not &!kitty777sexy.  No one can ever remember that, but it was the only one I could get.”

Photo credit: Antoine Walter CC: NC SA

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