Mel and Steph win Your Pleasurezone’s sex toy testing job

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A randy, married couple from Birmingham have won a national competition to test out the latest sex toys and underwear for leading online and mail order retailer Your Pleasure Zone, and get paid for the pleasure. Mel and Steph Teague beat off fierce competition from hundreds of other horny British couples to win what the company describes as the “world’s most enjoyable job”.


The couple, who have been married for nearly a year, are now contractually employed by Your Pleasure Zone to test out the firm’s full range of sex toys and sexy lingerie. They will review a different sex toy every week, and will receive a fee for every review they submit. This will include a three-minute video review of the toy, which will be broadcast on the firm’s popular online TV channel. Mel and Steph will also be sent the newest and most interesting sex toys from across the planet, and if they give it a 7/10 orgasm rating or above, the site will stock it and sell it to the British public.



I am very pleased to announce that Mystress Lady Evyl and Kinky Sex Link, both run by myself, have been given a special opportunity to interview this lovely randy couple privately. See what this young hot couple has to say about their new job!


MLE: Congrats Mel and Steph on winning the contest. How do you feel about
being the winners?
M&S: We are of course very pleased about it, between that and a chocolate tester
it is our ideal job.


MLE: In one word how would you describe your sexual relationship prior to
winning this contest?
M&S: Probably not what it was when we first me,  with us both working full time
and moving house but it means we get to set some time aside now and make
more of an effort.


MLE: Do you regularly use sex toys and aids in the bedroom?
M&S: We used to but it has been a while. It will be good to perk things up a bit!


MLE: As a couple would you have suggestions for other couples wanting to sex
toys but are not sure where to start?
M&S: Probably start small, don’t buy anything too scary looking and discuss what
you think you would both like and what you want it to do.


MLE: What was the reaction of family and friends when you told them you won
this contest?
M&S: Not everyone knows – yet – but our friends aren’t surprised that we would do
something like this. a couple of them are quite jealous.


MLE: Choosing which toys will be worth selling is a big responsibility, how
does that make you feel?
M&S: I’m sure we will do a good job, we will be honest and say if something isn’t
worth using. we will bare in mind that different people like different


MLE: Are you looking forward to having your video reviews appearing on
M&S: Well we are not camera shy but i don’t think we will be watching them too


MLE: Don’t be shy, tell us one fantasy you both really want but have yet to
make reality?
M&S: Probably a threesome, but i don’t know if one of us would get jealous!


MLE: As you know this interview is for a kinky, fetish and bdsm audience. Is
this something you have included in your bedroom repertoire?
M&S: We have done bits of dressing up and tying each other up but nothing too
excessive. It not something we wouldn’t try.


MLE: If yes tell us a bit what you have done. If no do you plan on trying out
toys from the bondage and bdsm selection?
M&S: We’ll give anything a go!



Mel, 41, is a plasterer, while Steph, 28, is a professional photographer. However, Steph can add the jobs of stripper, lube wrestler, pole dancing teacher, radio sexpert and a magazine editor to her very impressive CV. They met nearly seven years ago in a Birmingham gym. Nearly 25,000 votes were registered on the Your Pleasure Zone website between March 15, 2011 and April 1, 2011.


Good luck Mel and Steph in your new job!

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